Top Five Deck Oiling Tips and Tricks

  • November 25, 2016
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Deck Oiling Tips and Tricks

NEWSFLASH! Your outdoor deck needs your protection! Vulnerable to a whole host of different threats, your decking will not live up to its potential—unless you give it the safeguard it needs to thrive.

If you are building a new home with a deck, you NEED to read these deck oiling tips. If your deck has already started to fall into a sorry state of disrepair, don’t give up hope! It may be still be salvageable.

What is deck oil used for?

Deck oil has two main benefits: it protects and preserves the wood, as well as improving its appearance.

No matter how carful you are, natural weathering and general wear will eventually take its toll. The harsh UV rays and weather conditions, combined with daily foot traffic, mean that the new surface you admired in the early days will quickly become a thing of the past.

When choosing deck oil, look for an oil-based, weather-resistant, water-repellent product with stain resistance and a natural finish.

Our deck oiling tips are recommended for regular use, every 12 to 24 months should suffice depending on the extent of weather exposure and wear and tear your deck endures.

The waterproof test

Moisture is enemy number one for timber decks, which is one of the reasons deck oil is an important part of maintenance.

When timber takes in too much water or moisture, it not only causing swelling and warping to the floorboards, it also becomes a breeding ground for fungi and other microorganisms. These wood destroyers can be catastrophic for your deck and can leave you with a hefty bill to boot.

To check if your timber deck is adequately sealed against water, try testing a small area. Pour some water onto the wood: if it beads up, your deck is still protected. If not, it’s time to invest in deck restoration!

DIY advice—before you begin

Before oiling your deck, it is essential that you give it a thorough clean. Cleaning should be performed regularly in between restoration as well, to ensure that a build-up of dirt and other debris doesn’t cause scratches and marks on the wood.

Remove all furniture, plants and other items from the deck, leaving no covered areas. Using an outdoor broom, thoroughly sweep the area clean of leaves, dust, dirt and other particles.

For stubborn marks, you can wipe down the floorboards with a slightly damp mop. Dilute a bucket of water with 1 tablespoon of methylated spirits. Use only a tiny amount of water, and make sure there is plenty of sun and fresh air to dry it quickly. Remember, water is enemy number one when it comes to wood floors!

Before starting, check the weather forecast. You don’t want rain on the day of application, so hold off for a sunny weekend!

Now, you are ready to oil.

Sealing your deck

There are several different options available for oiling or staining your deck, with varying results. If you are unsure which product you wish to proceed with, get in touch with a professional to assist.

One of our top deck oiling tips is to test an off-cut of wood before making your purchase. Some oils are tinted, while others are clear and retain the natural colour of the wood. The finished product can look significantly different, making it worthwhile to patch-test before you begin.

Summary of deck oiling tips

  • #1 All decks require protection from weathering, foot traffic and other elements.
  • #2 Cracking, fading, warping, swelling, drying and shrinking are some of the damaging effects of weather on unprotected decks.
  • #3 Deck oil can radically transform the look of your wood, giving it a glossy shine.
  • #4 Tinted deck oil will change the colour of the wood, while a natural finish is a transparent coating that enhances the natural colour of the wood.
  • #5 Clean your deck thoroughly before you apply the oil.
  • #6 Test a sample patch on an off-cut prior to purchasing your deck oil.
  • #7 Select a sunny day for the application to allow adequate drying time.
  • #8 Use the waterproof test to check sealing of wood.
  • #9 Reapply every 12 to 24 months as required.

Brisbanes Finest Floors—professional deck restoration

If you are hesitant to try your hand at deck oiling yourself, Brisbanes Finest Floors is here to help! With years of experience and specialist advice, our team of professionals is happy to assist you with a spectacular deck restoration. Offering deck oiling tips and advice for long-term maintenance, our team offers competitive pricing and impressive results to bring life back to your outdoor deck.

Our custom advice on choosing the right sealer will ensure that you get the end result you are envisaging meaning you will get the most out of your outdoor area for years to come.

Don’t wait until your deck is in desperate need of attention; effective maintenance can prevent costly damage down the track.

To get a free quote, or have a chat to one of our friendly team members, call Brisbanes Finest Floors on 0411 220 488, or contact us here today!

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