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You can finally step outside and admire that long sought after deck that you have worked hard to achieve. Now all you need is help to make it something spectacular and original and yet fitting with the rest of your home. If you’re searching terms like ‘Deck Oiling Brisbane‘ or ‘Deck Staining Brisbane‘ and you’re unsure of which company to speak to, start with Brisbane Finest Floors. 

Quality deck oiling and deck staining is the finishing touch to your deck construction process. Brisbanes Finest Floors can help you accomplish beautiful deck staining in Brisbane with minimal fuss! We are a team of the most experienced deck staining professionals Brisbane has to offer. We understand that our customers have a vision, and it’s our job to make it a reality. The product preferred by our team is Sikkens Cetol Deck as it is weather resistant, highly water repellent and offers a high build transparent coating for the needs of exterior timber decks and handrails. As a finishing coat, this provides your deck with durability and outstanding UV resistance.

Below are products that we recommend and use:


Sikkens Cetol Deck is oil based, highly water repellent, weather resistant, high build transparent coating for exterior timber decks and steps. Sikkens is microporous allowing the timber to breathe while repelling unwanted moisture. It is UV and weather resistant in a Satin finish. This is our recommended coating.


Intergrain UltraDeck is a water based oil for all exterior timber and is especially useful for decks. It contains what they refer to as Hydroguard technology, which provides a guard for timber in Australia’s extreme conditions and protection against heavy use and foot traffic. It has a natural finish and helps the timber to stay clean by not absorbing stains and also making it more difficult for dust to adhere to surfaces.  UltraDeck drys quickly, so two coats can be applied in a single day, making it convenient to help get the job done.


Spa-N-Deck, requires timber to be prepared by sanding or water blasting and can be applied it right after cleaning – while wood is still wet -100% Acrylic. Spa-N-Deck is guaranteed not to crack, flake or peel even in the toughest climatic conditions for a period of 2 years on horizontal surfaces such as decks.  Spa-N-Deck comes in 6  pre-mixed colours.

Need more information about deck oiling, staining and finishing products? Read on the right to learn how and why to use them.

Prevent Wood Damage

Unprotected wood decking is exposed to moisture which it ultimately absorbs. This can result in severe damage that could cost you far more in the long term than protecting it well at the time of construction. Moisture causes wood to soften and eventually swell, while heat from the sun causes the wood to dry and shrink. When this cycle happens on a regular and continuous basis, it will eventually cause the wood to crack, split and warp. This will lead to expensive repairs and wood that looks and feels prematurely aged.    

Your deck experiences a lot of traffic and if not protected, cleaned and well maintained, its beautiful rich brown tone will start to take on a dull shade of grey. This is not only unattractive but it is also the beginning of your deck losing its vibrancy and appeal. Why does a deck turn grey? It is the result of dirt, air pollution and dust supplanting the exposed coloured cells of the wood travelling over the timber surface. The sun’s UV rays are also factor that results in your deck greying.   

It is for these reasons, that Brisbanes Finest Floors offer expert advice and quality products for deck finishing. Their preferred brands of oil based coating are UV and weather resistant, which means your freshly installed or restored deck will be protected from the elements for seasons to come. A satin finish looks great, but is also microporous, which means it allows the timber planks to breathe while deterring undesirable moisture. Transparent coating allows the attractive and natural wood grain to remain visible even after being applied. Natural beauty is often the best kind! These are the sorts of quality finishing solutions we offer to every client.

Decks staining for Brisbane Homes

As every home is unique, our friendly, professional and respectful deck staining team in Brisbane are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your deck staining options. Or should you require their manual expertise, they have the essential skills and know-how to do the job properly.

Achieving the right finish for each deck is a talent that not everyone possesses. With over 18 years of working with deck stains and oils, the Brisbanes Finest Floors team is qualified to advise whether your choice of colours will achieve the desired effect to make your deck a beautiful, welcoming aspect of your home.

Deck Staining Options

Most people don’t realise there are different types of wood stains for different purposes. Pigment stain, for example, is a turpentine based stain, whilst fade resistant stain is spirit based. Your deck might benefit most from deep colour alteration through deck staining, or a lighter deck oiling.  We can visit your Brisbane home and give you the right advice!

Deck Oiling Options

Deck oil is a combination of oils and other ingredients designed to preserve wood and help maintain its appearance when it is applied. When deciding on deck oiling as your finishing touch, you will have the option of it being tinted or natural, depending on what colour you want to achieve for your deck. The tinted oils provide the timber with a deeper and richer shade; whereas the natural coloured alternative retains the original colour of the wood.

Tinting is not the most effective method of applying colour to your deck, although it does give your timber an overall shade as a result of it being applied with a roller. This technique of colouring wood involves mixing stain into the floor coating. Should you be hesitant to try this yourself, your deck oiling Brisbane team will be able to help you.

Advice For DIYers

Brisbanes Finest Floors offers the service of finishing your deck for you at competitive prices. What’s more, we’re happy to provide you with advice along the way so you can do your own deck maintenance down the track. Here are a few things to watch out for if you decide to DIY:

1. Waterproof test

Over time, the weather effects the protective seal on your deck, allowing it to absorb water. A simple and effective way to tell if your timber needs to be resealed is to pour some water on it. If the water beads up than your deck is still waterproof, if it doesn’t than it is time to recoat to ensure it is protected from the elements.

2. Deck maintenance

Maintenance, including recoating, should occur every 12, 18 or 24 months depending on the amount of exposure to the weather and degree of wear and tear your deck endures. A vital point to keep in mind is that you should not allow the coating to break down as this will leave your deck unprotected and susceptible to moisture, mould, warped timber and a potentially costly bill.

3. Cleaning

Remove all furniture and plants from your deck and clean it on a regular basis so it is free from dirt and dead leaves. Give it a thorough scrub with the broom. When sweeping, be sure to keep an eye out for loose boards or nails working their way out of the wood. These should be repaired ASAP.

4. Sealing

Once your deck is clean, you can then select your sealer. With several options available to achieve the appearance individuals want for their decks, it is often difficult to know what is the most suitable for your task. If unsure, speak to a professional for guidance. Brisbanes Finest Floors are happy to assist with providing more information and a free quote in Brisbane and surrounding areas. NB: It is important to make sure there is no rain predicted the day you are planning on staining your deck.

To get your free quote or inquire about their deck oiling and staining services for Brisbane, contact the team at Brisbanes Finest Floors today!

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