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Deck Sanding Brisbane

Sanding a deck or verandah that’s subjected to the great outdoors will bring it back to life and allow it to be re-coated to perfection. Over time, exposed areas of a deck can become sun bleached, warp and even deteriorate. This can become a safety concern and it certainly won’t look welcoming. Preparation is the key to a high quality finish, so if you are considering restoring your timber deck, the first step before applying a new coat is good deck sanding. If your searching for ‘Deck Sanding Brisbane’ and want to know the best options, Brisbanes Finest Floors is the best place to start.

Benefits to sanding your deck

There are many benefits homeowners can reap by renewing their deck. Neglect and wear and tear can turn a functioning outdoor area of a home into a space not fit for entertaining. Deck sanding helps to even out the colour of pre-existing timber coats, works to remove old colour without the need to apply harsh chemicals and ensures that the re-coating process is so much easier.

Deck sanding is also recommended to smooth rough edges and remove splinters, which can cause much discomfort under foot and injury to pets too. The main benefit of stripping back existing timber boards is to ensure that new sealant and coats have a much better chance of adhering and lasting longer, which means the overall look will be far better.

Preparing a deck for coating – DIY style

There is no denying that Brisbane homeowners can tackle sanding alone, DIY style, however depending on the extent of the damage or the age of the timber, there could be more to it than brushing the boards and smoothing over with sand paper. Typically the steps are:

  • Sweeping the deck with a hard bristle broom. This helps to loosen debris that has adhered to the timber over the years.
  • Look out for any nails that have lifted or require replacing.
  • Fill any holes, dents, cracks or deep scratches in the deck with an appropriate timber filler and allow it to dry completely before continuing.
  • Give the deck a good wash down. Typically a mixture of warm water and detergent in a bucket is all you need. Just like washing the floors inside, clean the decking boards with a mop and then rinse well.

An alternative option is to use a pressure hose at low pressure. This will not only work to scour away dirt and debris that has adhered to the deck over time, but it also helps to wash away mould and mildew that has made a home on the timber. While your deck is drying, it’s a good idea to manually work with a paint scraper and get in between the decking boards to remove any debris that is remaining. The more you can remove, the better the final coating result will be.

When it comes time to sand your deck, there are many home improvement stores where you can hire out the necessary equipment. Knowing how to best use the machinery, what sandpaper is required and even the exact timber you are working with is essential. Using sandpaper that is too aggressive for your deck and you could cause further damage. Don’t forget to get into the corners and sand the handrail too.

A word of warning though – check the local forecast and opt for a period of time where no rain is expected. If you are in the middle of sanding your deck and the timber becomes exposed to water, the wood grain will raise. When it dries you will need to sand it again to achieve a smooth finish.

Professional Brisbane deck sanding

If doing it yourself sounds like a job that has far too many elements to consider, too many ‘what ifs’ and is too time consuming for the large deck you have to tackle, there is good news. Brisbanes Finest Floors, one of Brisbane’s most experienced and reliable timber floor sanding and polishing businesses can do all the hard work for you. Leave the sanding of your deck to the experts and if you are looking to save some money, you can then take over and apply the deck coating of your choice.

Deck Coating

Whether you have worked to sand the deck yourself or let a professional team from Brisbanes Finest Floors complete it for you, the next step is to coat your deck and then seal it as soon after the final sanding as possible. The reason is because the grain on the timber will be open and therefore the stain will be able to penetrate easier and deeper.  This allows for a better, long lasting result than if you waited.

Deck coats can either be oil-based or water-based.  If you are aiming for a more environmentally friendly solution, a water-based stain is your best bet.  They are less hazardous and if you do need to wipe up an accident fast, it can be cleaned with water – no solvents necessary! A nylon brush is best recommended when working with water coats.

Choosing a coat most appropriate to the timber you are working with, your Brisbane climate and the overall look you are seeking is best discussed with an expert.  There are plenty of benefits to both options and arming yourself with all the facts before making a final decision will ensure you are happy with the result.

Don’t forget, too, that some coats do not come with waterproofing elements, so there may be a need to apply an additional coat of sealant after the staining is completed.  This will help protect it from water damage.

Decks are not the only timber ripe for sanding

Where there is a deck to be sanded, there is bound to be other timber, cork or parquetry in a home that could also do with a freshening up. Brisbanes Finest Floors will sand any number of surfaces, any decking, your verandah, pool surrounds and even your stairs, to perfection.  No job is too big or too small.

Deck sanding professionals

For complete peace of mind that your deck sanding, staining and restoration jobs will be handled with ease, consider calling Brisbanes Finest Floors for a free, no obligation quote. Chat to the professional team about your concerns, have all your questions answered and be confident that regardless of the current state of the timber in your Brisbane home that all facets will be rejuvenated and revitalized before your eyes.  With over 20 years experience in servicing the needs of Brisbane locals, there really is only one company to call.

Brisbanes Finest Floors understand that the key to maintaining a great looking deck, timber verandah or internal floorboards is to undertake regular maintenance.  Cleaning, sanding, repairing, restoration and staining are just some of the jobs the team can address for you.  Don’t waste time sourcing the right machines, learning how to use them correctly and then cursing when the final stain cannot be applied to a smooth surface.  Leave all the hassles of deck sanding to the experts and you will be guaranteed a professional outcome fast, allowing you to once again enjoy a breakfast brunch or entertaining family and friends on your deck.

For a free quote and advice on all of the different types of stains and deck sanding options on offer, give Brisbanes Finest Floors a call today. The team never settles for second best! Contact Brisbanes Finest Floors today for all your expert deck sanding and timber restoration needs.

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