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Floor Polishing Brisbane

Floor polishing brings your old flooring back to life before your eyes. And if you are after a new look altogether, the range of stains available can make redecorating your Brisbane home or office easier than you may have once thought. A quality result is easily achievable with the right preparation and the most appropriate polish. If you are looking online for ‘Floor Polishing Brisbane‘ and your confused about your options, simply talk to the amazing team at Brisbanes Finest Floors.

Whether your home is fitted with hardwood timber, parquetry floors, floating boards or even cork tiles, you’ll be amazed at the finish that can be enjoyed once they are polished. And the best news is even if they do start to look a little worn overtime, they can be refinished again and look brand new.

Professional Floor Polishers Brisbane – Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

It does not take much to maintain polished floors. Whilst all of the products that Brisbanes Finest Floors use are quick drying and ready to be walked on within 72 hours, there are a few essential tips to ensure that the life of the polish is maintained and enjoyed as long as possible.

It is important to be realistic about the durability of polished floors in Brisbane. Wooden floors are a long-term investment and over time some coatings can wear depending on how they have been treated, changes in temperature and humidity and different traffic levels.

The most effective way to keep your polished floors clean is with a mop and warm water, but using the smallest amount of water is advisable. Keeping a mop damp and not wet is important. Too much water can cause moisture to penetrate and result in damage to the floor. When mopping, it is also advisable to mop with the grain and not across it.

Depending on the polish applied, some detergents can also damage the surface. There are plenty of natural solutions such as a mixture of vinegar and hot water too but it is always best to follow any instructions or recommendations that the manufacturer offer with their products to maintain the life of your polish. Sweeping and vacuuming up common household dirt helps to ensure that the grit does not inadvertently scratch the surface, too.

It is also recommended to fit protective pads to legs of furniture and chairs to help prevent unexpected marks. High heels and even pet claws can inadvertently mark polished floors so by being aware you can help to keep them looking in fabulous condition. With routine cleaning and maintenance, polished floors will look fantastic for the life of the house.

Quality Staining & FinishesMake All The Difference

Brisbanes Finest Floors only use the highest quality products and the team has over 20 years’ experience working with customers to achieve incredible results. When it comes to staining your floors there really is only one option and that is to use the finest products to produce a result that allows your timber to be stained to any colour of your choice. So no matter what décor your have decorated your home with or what look you are seeking, it can be achieved. You’ll find that floors that are sanded, polished and stained to perfection add a special touch of class to a home and office.

Exceptional Timber Floor Polishing Brisbane

Whether you are renovating your home, looking for new flooring solutions or simply seeking a way to add new life to your existing floors, chat to Brisbanes Finest Floors. Call the team to organise an obligation free quote and they will come out to your home or business whether you live in Brisbane or a surrounding suburb.

And if you do decide to go ahead, you can guarantee that only the most efficient and top quality floor sanding equipment will be used along with top of the range sealing and floor polishing products. Take a moment to browse the online gallery for some inspiration and you’ll soon see how every floor and result can be tailored to suit your individual needs. There are plenty of floor colours to see and all you need to do is ask.

It is important to be aware that all coatings can potentially mark or scratch depending on what comes into contact with them. Sharp objects can scratch the surface of any polished floor, but by choosing a product that is most suitable for high traffic areas or a family home, you’ll be able to enjoy the result for longer. Relying on an experienced and professional team will also guarantee that the products used are fit for purpose and applied to perfection.

There are many different types of floor finishes available and floor polishes to enjoy. The option you choose can ultimately depend on the type of floor you have, its age and the look you are hoping to achieve. Periodically recoating or polishing your floors will ensure they are protected and look immaculate. When you opt for timber floors it is comforting to know that they can be refinished again and again.

For any questions relating to the best flooring to lay, the sanding and floor polishing process or how to restore any timber in your home, contact Brisbanes Finest Floors today. Don’t forget that a deck, verandah and even your stair rails need a touch of attention every now and then too.

Contact Brisbanes Finest Floors today for all your expert Brisbane floor polishing needs.

Timber Floor Finishing Options:

When it comes to selecting the final result you desire, it’s great to know that there are plenty of floor polishing options available and a range of looks that can be achieved. When making a choice is slightly overwhelming, chat to a professional team who can provide the best advice and save you a lot of time and money.

There are two main types of floor finishes that can be used on most internal timber floors; polyurethane or oil. 

   1. Polyurethane floor finish

This is the most widely used however it does emit strong odours. If you are contemplating polishing your floors yourself, it is essential to be aware that you need to protect your eyes and hands as well as covering your nose and mouth. Keeping your area well ventilated is also an important tip.

   2. Oil floor finish

Oil based floor polishes are also very popular and offer a range of finishes which allow homeowners to achieve a look that they desire. Whilst not as hard wearing as the polyurethane stains, they are still effective.

Different floor polishing looks:

Depending on the final look and feel you wish to achieve within your home, there are essentially four different flooring polishing 'looks you can select; gloss, semi-gloss, satin or natural. 

   1. Gloss

If you are after a high gloss finish, one of the premium products recommended is Polycure’s Durapol Super Gloss. It is perfectly suited to commercial properties, and even bowling lanes and basketball courts. Whilst high gloss does typically show up imperfections more readily, this particular product is designed to be highly resistant to abrasion, and works very well to enhance the natural colour of the timber boards.

Best used indoors only, you’ll find that cork tiles, particleboard and timber come up a treat once this clear, high gloss floor polish is applied. Because of the high gloss look, its smooth surface is amazingly reflective and can make your rooms look more spacious, adding another dimension to your décor.

   2. Semi-gloss

If you love the look of gloss but prefer a more subdued finish, consider polishing your floors with semi gloss. As with all gloss finishes, it is important to be aware that despite best attempts it can show small scratches and dents more than a low sheen result. Semi-gloss is slightly easier to maintain because there is less shine, however it still offers a lovely effect and is a great option for homeowners.


   3. Satin Finish

Opting for a satin finish on your floors will give a delicate low sheen effect. Satin is in between a matt and a gloss finish and provides a gentle shine while still allowing the natural look of the timber to show through. Satin finish levels are some of the most popular because of the numerous benefits enjoyed. Not only do slight imperfections and marks show up less, but so too does dust. So, from a maintenance perspective they take less to look after.


   4. Water Based Polish

If you are seeking a floor polish solution that not only works to enhance the natural look of timber but also offers an environmentally friendly result, consider a water based floor polish.

Water based polyurethane coatings are non-toxic, non-combustible and even more impressively, have a low odour. As a fast drying finish, you’ll be able to have access to your floors sooner. With a range of matt through to gloss finishes, you can still enjoy the final result you aim for in your home or place of business.

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