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Timber Floor Restoration Brisbane

Restoring existing timber floors in your Brisbane home is not only going to help improve its value, but you’ll enjoy many wonderful benefits from the result. Sanding and polishing timber, cork, particleboard and parquetry floors helps to breathe new life into old floors. Surprisingly, the timber floor restoration process is also faster than you think. Brisbanes Finest Floors have been restoring timber floors for local Brisbane residents for over 20 years and know exactly how to transform dull and marked flooring into a work of art. If you have been searching for ‘Timber Floor Restoration Brisbane‘, ‘Floor Sanding And Polishing Brisbane‘ or something similar, then you’ve found exactly the right company to help you. Let’s take a look at exactly how floors can be restored and just some of the amazing benefits to be enjoyed.

Repairs to restore your timber floor

Over time the floors in your home are subject to much wear and tear. Timber floors may require restoration if they have split, been damaged by water or are starting to show scratches and gouges from high heels, pet claws or furniture movement. Depending on the severity of the damage, the only possible solution may appear to be to cover up the marks with a large rug or even replace your floors altogether. Before you make any big decisions, consider having your floors repaired through our timber floor restoration process. Typically this can be achieved with timber floor sanding and polishing, leaving your floors looking like new again.

Timber floor sanding and polishing Brisbane

A far less costly solution to replacing timber floors is to have a chat to Brisbanes Finest Floors about the option for timber floor sanding and polishing to bring your floors back to life. The result could add years to the lifespan on the floors themselves and leave you with a positive fresh outlook. This is a a relatively simple process, although it involves a lot of hard work at our end!

Timber boards are the most ideal floors to sand however there many other surfaces, including parquetry and cork, which come up a treat when the right machinery is used and the perfect finish is applied.

If you own an older style property, it may actually present itself with lots of hidden potential. After removing existing carpet or linoleum you may find timber just waiting to be restored. Don’t discount your opportunities until you’ve spoken to the Brisbane experts in timber floor restoration.

Timber restoration is not limited to the floors

These days homes have timber featured in many areas including the deck, verandah and even on the staircase. Often overlooked, these areas of the home also benefit from a little regular TLC. So if you are looking at having the floors of your Brisbane home renewed, chat to Brisbanes Finest Floors about the solutions available for the rest of your property too. By rejuvenating the look of your entry verandah, your backyard entertaining deck as well as your interior floors, you’ll create an equally polished look running throughout your entire home and it will really come to life.

Seeking advice from the professionals in timber floor restoration Brisbane

Having timber floors will add beauty to any home provided they are properly taken care of. When the time does come to bring them back to life, knowing the best way to tackle the job ahead is important to the result. There is no denying that undertaking a floor restoration is hard and can be rather time consuming, so consider chatting to Brisbanes Finest Floors and let all the hard work be done for you. With over 20 years of expertise and more solutions in store than you could imagine, the professional team in floor restoration are ready to answer your questions.

Don’t waste time searching for the perfect machine, learning how to manoeuvre it and hoping you are not doing more damage to your already fragile timber surfaces. Don’t spend hours painstakingly staining your floors in the hope that you get an even spread whilst struggling to cope with the strong odours that polishes can emit.

If the finish on your wooden floor is worn and starting to show signs of being faded or scratched, you can make it look like brand new. Give the experts at Brisbanes Finest Floors a call today. They have the skills and know-how to transform tired old floors into something out of a glamour magazine with a quality finish you had only dreamt of. You’ll be amazed at the service you receive and will be so excited to tell your friends and family all about it. Put your trust in the professionals. No job is too big or too small. Restore your hallway, your kitchen or the timber floors in your whole house.

For a free no obligation quote, enquire online or phone today. Brisbane locals put their trust in Brisbane’s Finest Floors for all their timber floor restorations, and you can to. Browse the online gallery and read the glowing testimonials for yourself.

For all your timber floor sanding and polishing Brisbane enquiries, you know who you can trust.

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Stages of floor restoration:

Floor restoration typically involves three stages: preparation, floor sanding, and coating with a protective sealant, known as floor polishing.

   1. Preparation

The key to a perfect job is always in the preparation. Before you begin, you need to completely empty the room, remove any old floor coverings and give it a good clean. It is also important to make sure that the floor is completely flat and nail free. Punching nails down and applying putty to even up dents and scratches is essential. Any raised surfaces can interfere with the sander, result in a poor job and worse still damage the machinery.

   2. Floor Sanding

There are a number of floor sanding machines available for hire, which may require you to sand around the edges of your room with one tool and then the rest of the floor with another. Truth be told, floor sanding does have an art to it – not only to ensure the surfaces are prepared to perfection before staining, but also to ensure that timber is not sanded too harshly or not enough. Professionals use machines that are fit for purpose and have experience with all types of flooring; knowing exactly which sanding paper will achieve the right result is not just a fluke. Sanding also creates a lot of dust so unless you have covered up walkways, doors and ventilation, you’ll find that your home is a mess. Brisbanes Finest Floors use a sanding machine that comes with its own vacuum. Now that’s ingenious!

   3. Floor Polishing & Staining

Once your floors have been sanded and wiped completely clean, the next step in the restoration process is to stain them. There are plenty of floor polishes on the market and if you take a moment to browse Brisbanes Finest Floors’ online gallery you’ll notice the amazing range of colours that can be achieved and a variety of levels of shine. From high gloss to satin finishes, applying the perfect finish to suit your home and the look you are seeking is essential.

Benefits of having timber floors in your home:

Whilst the initial cost of laying timber flooring in a home may seem expensive, there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed in the long term. If your house is already fitted with parquetry or another hardwood timber that looks a little worn, restoring timber flooring is so much easier than you may have imagined.

   1. Add value to a home

There is no denying that the warmth and beauty that natural timber brings to a home is priceless. Instantly it adds value and it becomes a feature in itself.

   2. Easy to clean

A regular wipe with a damp, not wet, mop is all that is needed to keep a timber floor looking brand new. Spillages can be simply wiped away cutting down your floor cleaning time enormously.

   3. Suitable for modern and contemporary designs

Whether your home is fitted out with a range of modern décor or traditional pieces, polished floors always look the goods.

   4. Benefits for allergy sufferers

Unlike carpet or rugs, which not only collect dust but also dirt and grit, timber floors are an allergy sufferers best friend. Say goodbye to dust mites and say hello to an allergy free environment.

   5. Redecorate with new polish colours

Over time timber floors will loose their original lustre and will require a freshen up with a sand and polish. Because there are so many colours and stains available, each time you book in to have your floors restored, you can opt for a different look altogether. Now that’s an interesting way to re-decorate!

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