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Timber Deck Restoration Brisbane

Before you take the drastic step of pulling up your tired old deck, consider the other options available! Your deck may look like it’s in dire need of repair or restoration, but expert deck maintenance might be all that’s actually required. If you’ve noticed a bit of damage to your deck and you’ve decided to start your search online for terms like ‘Deck Maintenance Brisbane‘, ‘Timber Deck Restoration Brisbane‘ or ‘Deck Restoration Brisbane‘, then hopefully we can answer most of your questions.

Brisbanes Finest Floors can bring your deck back to life; with their years of experience and expertise they can determine the best solution for your timber deck and have you enjoying a sunset drink with friends in no time!

The need for deck maintenance

Your home is your castle and your deck should be a warm and welcoming connection between the household and the outdoors of your yard. An entertaining deck should add to your home’s beauty and not distract from it. It should be the grand stage of your family’s outdoor activities, regardless of the size or view that it offers.

A deck is commonly a high traffic area that cops a lot of abuse, too.  This results in wear and tear, especially after continued exposure from the weather. After a few years, without proper deck maintenance, your deck can become uninviting, poor in appearance and extremely battered. This can have a huge impact on your entertaining, social and outdoor use. A beautiful wooden deck is after all, as iconic as the Australian BBQ. It evokes laughter and good times between friends and family. It’s very important to schedule deck maintenance at least every few years to maximise your enjoyment of this part of the house and to avoid having to do much more substantial deck restoration work after the damage is done.

Why timber deck restoration is important

Thankfully the majority of deck surface issues are superficial and not structural. From your unmaintained deck, you may experience damaged, twisted boards, nail pops and even severe fading and discolouration. However, as most decking is built with durable woods these concerns can usually be addressed without major rebuilding. Decking woods generally consist of cedar, treated pine or redwood. There is a reason these woods are regularly used and it benefits you in more ways than just being longer lasting.

These woods offer a degree of protection even before being professionally installed and treated. For natural resistance to termites and decay, cedar and redwood are great choices; while pine is treated with pesticide to protect it from insects and deterioration.

Timber deck restoration will not only add years to the life of your deck, it is much more affordable than replacing it completely. This is true regardless of the current condition of your timber! The restoration process undertaken to restore wooden surfaces, rejuvenates and revitalises them, returning them to their former glory.  This also saves you time on deck maintenance for your Brisbane home as the years go by.


If you are in need of professional timber deck restoration Brisbane, give the team at Brisbanes Finest Floors a call today!


How to protect your deck

Your deck is an investment in the value of your home, but also in your family’s lifestyle. Protect your asset by preserving its natural beauty. If the timber looks like it is starting to look worse for wear, give it a refurbishment sooner rather than later! Wood that goes unprotected is exposed to moisture, and often soaks it up. This ultimately leads to severe damage that could prove costly. As mentioned previously; the regular abuse from sun, rain and foot traffic may require you to treat your deck periodically with oiling or another treatment solution. For the most reliable deck maintenance Brisbane has to offer, call the professionals at Brisbanes Finest Floors and avoid stress. But there are several things you can do yourself to help protect your deck inbetween major maintenance projects.

Be observant

Over just one season you may notice dirt and dead leaves accumulating between the deck floorboards, or nails partially exposing themselves and working their way out of the wood planks which can be quite dangerous and cause injury. Regular cleaning can help manage and minimise larger potential issues occurring down the track. Sweeping leaves (especially wet ones) and ensuring hedges and gardens are located off the deck helps eradicate pests and damage caused by moisture. If you have pot plants on your deck it is vital that they are intermittently relocated and elevated to allow sufficient air flow below and to reduce heat on wood, which causes it to expand.

Take action

Mildew, mould growth and insect activity should be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage. Dirt and bird droppings can also result in discolouration and staining of your deck finish so it is important to manage these tasks as you notice them arise.

How to clean your deck

Keeping your deck clean will ensure it looks great for entertaining but it will also reduce the amount of deck maintenance necessary over the years to come. It is important that before you begin to clean your deck no rain is predicted for the day as it will take several hours to dry completely.

Clear and sweep

Remove everything from the deck. This includes furniture, BBQs, potted plants and other outdoor accessories that call your deck home. These items can be moved back once the deck is cleaned. By relocating these it gives you easy access to all the wood that is going to be cleaned. Get your outdoor appropriate broom and get sweeping. Remove all leaves and loose dirt that may be stuck between the boards.

Why does wood on a deck turn grey?

Your deck starts out a beautiful rich tone of brown but over time it may take on a grey colour. This happens as a result of dust, dirt and air pollution moving over the wooden surface and replacing the exposed coloured cells of the wood. In addition to this, the wood turning grey is the consequence of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

To put it simply; if humans were to remain outside for extended periods of time without sunscreen, they would get sunburnt and their skin would peel. The end result is new skin coming to the surface after the dead flakes have fallen off.

Similarly to people peeling their old lifeless skin, that dull grey shade the wood turns is simply its old fibres that have been effected by the sun and its UV rays. Unlike humans, wood cannot regenerate fresh fibres itself which means maintenance from you or a professional deck restoration company will be required to remove the grey colour. Over time, even sealed wood will weather and turn grey!

Whether you have a brand new deck that requires that extra bit of protection from the weather elements or you need your greyed weathered timber boards restored, our professional team will find you the best solution for your deck. We consult you on what the best possible options for your deck would be and show you a range of finishes so you know exactly what to expect. Our personal touches will ensure your deck looks fantastic and inviting for decades. By taking the above simple steps for deck maintenance you can ensure your Brisbane home looks beautiful for a lifetime.

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