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Brisbane boarding school refreshing timber floors in their dining hall

This grand old dining hall in a Brisbane boarding school has been sanded and finished by Brisbanes Finest Floors.  So nice to have…
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How long will the process take of refinishing my deck?

It depends on the size of the deck and weather conditions.  An estimate of days will be advised on the quotation.
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When can I move furniture back?

We recommend at least 24 hours to allow the coating to cure. Full hardness is achieved in 14 to 21 days but general…
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Stay in my home during floor sanding process?

Can I stay in my home during floor sanding process? Yes, however access to the floors will be restricted because of the need…
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How long does the sanding/finishing process take?

Floor sanding and polishing normally takes 3 days start to finish. However, the weather can make a big difference, so it’s always wise…
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Floor Restoration

Restoring existing timber floors in your Brisbane home is not only going to help improve its value, but you’ll enjoy many wonderful benefits…
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