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Floor Sanding Brisbane

Timber is one of the most popular flooring materials in Brisbane. In addition to looking great, timber also lasts longer than other flooring materials. Being subject to such consistent wear and tear, however, can result in your timber flooring losing some of its shine. Fortunately, the team here at Brisbanes Finest Floors can help. We offer a wide range of floor restoration services – one of the most popular of which is floor sanding. So if you’re searching online for ‘Floor Sanding Brisbane’ or ‘Brisbane Floor Sanding’, and are not sure of your options, the team at Brisbanes Finest Floors are happy to help!

Floor sanding is a great and cost effective way to get your floor back to its perfect condition. To deliver the benefits of floor sanding to our clients, we focus on communication and service. The team here at Brisbanes Finest Floors takes pride in their responsive and attentive service. We get back to clients quickly and keep people informed throughout the floor sanding process. We cater to the needs of commercial, insurance and real estate clients, as well as homeowners across Brisbane.

Floor Sanders Brisbane

If your timber floor is looking a little worse for wear, then floor sanding is the perfect solution. Floor sanding removes the damage and visible wear from the surface of your floorboards. Once this layer has been removed, we simply apply a suitable finish. The result is immaculate timber flooring that’s as good as new. The process allows you to retain the character of your timber flooring, which is one of timber flooring’s most prominent and popular features. In addition to this, floor sanding is far more economical than replacing your timber floor entirely.

At Brisbanes Finest Floors, we offer floor sanding to suit a wide variety of materials. Of course, our floor sanding services are well suited to hardwood timber floors, but they are also applicable to cork, particleboard and parquetry. Timber ages very well, in most cases, although it does require periodic maintenance in the form of floor sanding. With this maintenance, however, you can enjoy the beautiful finish of an immaculate timber floor for many years to come. Brisbanes Finest Floors has been in operation for over twenty years, which means we have all the knowledge and equipment necessary to do the job well.

Our Floor Sanding Equipment

At Brisbanes Finest Floors, we have refined our approach to floor sanding over our twenty years in the industry. Our experts have the latest equipment to assist them and this ensures that the outcome is always perfect. Our floor sanding equipment includes:

  • The Galaxy belt sander, which is manufactured in Canada and has a reputation for unsurpassed performance.
  • The Kunzle and Tasin edger, which is designed to reach inaccessible areas.
  • Clark belt sander and edger, which are American-made high-performance products.
  • The Polivac, which is an Australian made product of unrivalled repute.

Contact us online for Brisbane floor sanding services

If you would like to restore your timber floor to its original glory, then get in touch with the team at Brisbanes Finest Floors. We offer complete floor sanding services in Brisbane that are guaranteed to leave your timber floors looking immaculate. To contact us, simply fill in one of our online contact forms. We can provide you with a quote and develop a targeted approach to sanding your floors for your home or business.

Floor Sanding Brisbane: Our Process

   1. Clearing the floor space

The first stage of the floor sanding process is clearing the floor space. We do require a clear workspace and full access to your floor. This is necessary as it allows us to sand the entire surface and ensure that all the timber flooring is restored. We also recommend that you cover electrical items and protect items that are stored beneath the workspace.

   2. Preparation

To prepare your floor, we begin by sinking any protrusions. Normally, this involves punching exposed nails approximately 4mm below the surface of the floor. This prevents damage to the sanding equipment. We then putty over any holes or imperfections. One of our priorities here is ensuring that the putty is as close a match as possible to the timber in terms of colour. We can even mix putty to achieve a match, where necessary.

   3. Sanding and finishing

By this stage, we are ready to commence with the sanding itself. We want to create a level and evenly sanded floor. The floor must be completely bare and free of any coatings. For new floors, this involves levelling the boards by sanding down any ridges. For old floors, this involves removing old varnish or paint. Then, we will level the perimeters and blend them into the body of the floor with an edger. Once this is complete, we sand the floor surface again with a finer grain of sandpaper. All surface dust is then vacuumed and all imperfections are removed prior to coating. We then apply two coats in the first day this must dry overnight then we will Polyvac and apply the final finish. There are many different products of choose from and we will help you through this decision.


    1. Can I live in my house during the floor sanding process?

You can live in your home while the floor sanding process is ongoing. However, you may experience some restriction on your access to certain parts of your home. This often depends on your individual circumstances, however in most cases, the finish we apply requires a prolonged period of drying time. Normally, the period of time required for the finish to dry will not exceed one night. It is vital that the surface is undisturbed during the drying period, so our team will clearly inform you of these requirements. At Brisbane’s Finest Floors, communication is at the centre of our service process. As a part of this, we will keep your fully informed before, during and after the floor sanding process is complete.

    2. Does the floor sanding process generate much dust?

Here at Brisbanes Finest Floors, we understand that dust is not ideal. That is why we have invested in the latest floor sanding technology. All of our Brisbane floor sanders come from the industry’s most innovative suppliers. A common feature of all out machines is dust minimisation. Our floor sanding apparatus come with dust catching mechanisms that are designed to reduce the distribution of dust around your home or business. In addition to this, our floor sanding specialists will take further precautions to reduce the amount of dust that is generated. We will also open doors and windows, where possible, to improve ventilation and minimise dust. Despite our precautions, there is likely to be some dust as a result of the floor sanding process. For this reason, we recommend that you take a few steps to prepare for this. Most importantly, we advise you to cover or remove any electronic products from the sanding areas. This includes televisions, stereos, games consoles and computers. This will prevent any damage that might occur if dust enters their electrical systems.

    3. How long does the floor sanding process usually take?

There are many factors that determine precisely how long a floor sanding job will take. Some of these factors include size and the condition of the floor. As a general rule we usually complete floor sanding jobs within three days. However, there is still a waiting period following the completion of the job. Specifically, this is the period of time taken for the coating on your floor to dry. To ensure that your floor does not sustain any damage immediately after the sanding process, we recommend that you allow sufficient time for the coating to dry completely, before moving furniture back. However we do understand that, in some cases, this won’t be practical for you. If this is the case for you, then we suggest that you place protective adhesive strips on the bottom of all items of furniture. These strips are usually made from a synthetic substance that is similar to felt. This simply protects the floor from scratches and aids in the longevity of your timber flooring.

    4. When can I move my furniture back into the sanded areas?

Again, this period of time can vary slightly depending on your specific circumstances. Normally we recommend that you wait 24 hours from the completion of the process, before returning your furniture to the area. However, it is very important that you place the protective adhesive strips on any parts of the furniture that come into contact with the floor. This will protect the fresh coating from unnecessary damage. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the newly sanded floor will take some time to cure. The curing process is normally quite a bit longer than the drying itself. In fact, it often takes around five days for the floor to cure completely. During this time, you should avoid covering the floor with rugs. You should also avoid chairs that slide or roll. These can have a detrimental effect on the finish of the floor. Once cured, your floor will be at its best, with an immaculate appearance and the protection of a freshly applied protective coating. With the correct care and attention, you can maintain perfect timber flooring for many years to come.

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