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Chandler home gymnasium

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Blackbutt timber floor located in Bardon, Brisbane

This blackbutt timber floor is located in Bardon, Brisbane. Blackbutt the name is due to the tree’s appearance after bushfire. Blackbutt provides great…
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You wont believe the difference!

This floor below is an interior design company located in Newstead, Brisbane.  The timber floor was sanded, coated with waterbased polish and stain. …
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Parquetry laid and sanded at a Brisbane University

This beautiful blackbutt parquetry floor is located at a Brisbane University.   It is laid in a herringbone pattern and sanded and polished all by…
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Brisbane boarding school refreshing timber floors in their dining hall

This grand old dining hall in a Brisbane boarding school has been sanded and finished by Brisbanes Finest Floors.  So nice to have…
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Blackbutt timber floor with waterbased satin finish

A moderate to large tree, attaining 40 to 60 m in height and 1 to 2 m in stem diameter. It has a…
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Blackbutt timber floor, Iconic Cleveland Restaurant

This gorgeous wooden floor belongs to an iconic Cleveland Restaurant and was sanded and polished by Brisbanes Finest Floors.  The timber is Blackbutt…
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