Bring Back the Wow to Your Deck with Brisbane’s Deck Restoration Experts

Deck Restoration Brisbane with Brisbanes Finest Floors

Deck Restoration Brisbane with Brisbanes Finest Floors

Has your deck seen better days? It may be time to consider deck restoration. Our decks are exposed to harsh elements all year round and chances are, despite diligent attempts to keep it free from dirt, stains and moisture and is looking tired. Brisbanes Finest Floors are deck restoration experts and will help bring back the wow to your deck before the season for entertainment is upon us. Regular maintenance and a little bit of attention is all your deck needs to ensure it is safe underfoot and long-lasting.

Preparation is key

You can never do too much preparation when it comes to bringing aged and stressed timber back to life. As professionals, the team at Brisbanes Finest Floors will take the time to remove all debris until it is clean.

Whether your surface has been previously painted or stained, even the most expensive, top-quality product will not adequately adhere to a deck that is covered in built-up grime. The key is to know the best approach so that the timber is not further damaged. After all, a timber deck can add significant value to a property. There is a range of options available including buffing the surface or sanding back the boards back to raw timber. Any decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and all work to bring your timber surface back to a state that is ready to be resurfaced.

Treating a deck

Treating A Deck - Deck Restoration Brisbane

Treating A Deck – Deck Restoration Brisbane

Only the experts understand the right treatment options suitable for your deck. Timber decks can be anything from cedar to treated pine or even redwood, and knowing the best approach for each grain is important to the end result.

After sanding and addressing any issues with the timber, the deck will be a clear canvas ready to be coated and sealed. Good preparation will ensure your chosen stain penetrates deeper and provides you with the wow you are seeking.

There are a few options available including water- and oil-based stains; each has specific benefits. The stain you opt for needs to take into account your needs and even how often the deck will be used and maintained. A chat to the deck restoration Brisbane experts will sort this one out for you with ease.

Ongoing deck maintenance

Ongoing Deck Maintenance - Deck Restoration Brisbane

Ongoing Deck Maintenance – Deck Restoration Brisbane

The key to a long-lasting, impressive-looking deck at your home is to give it a little attention every now and then. When it starts to show signs of neglect, applying a coat of oil or treatment will help to maintain it for longer. Having your deck resurfaced and sealed ensures the timber remains protected from the elements, helping to shield against weather damage.

Other than the attention the experts can offer, as a home owner you can also play your part.

  • Regular sweeping: Keeping your deck free from moisture, including wet leaves and overhanging bushes, can help by allowing air to circulate, leaving the deck ventilated.
  • Regular cleaning: Bird droppings, food and bugs can actually inadvertently stain or discolour your timber deck if left unattended.

By tackling any deck concerns as soon as they are spotted, you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of money. Superficial issues can be dealt with rather promptly. Left unattended, you could end up having a large outlay to repair or replace much of your deck.

It is amazing how a grey, dull timber deck can come to life with some sanding, staining and the attention is deserves. Outdoor entertaining areas are a fabulous addition to any home and when yours is looked after you’ll benefit from it for a long time to come. Deck restoration in Brisbane is a straightforward process when you call in the experts. The entire process managed by Brisbanes Finest Floors is designed to be affordable and long-lasting. It will restore your timber deck surface, rejuvenate it and, most importantly, recreate a living zone in your home that you are proud to entertain in.

Brisbanes Finest Floors are the  deck restoration experts in Brisbane. Give them a call today and find out exactly how the team can help to bring the wow back to your deck. A free quote will ensure your deck remains a safe area for you and your family and a great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Brisbane locals put their trust in Brisbanes Finest Floors and you can too.

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