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  • October 16, 2019
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Timber floor, blackbutt

How many times can you sand your hardwood timber floors?
The amount of times you can sand your floors purely depends on the board profile and thickness of board that has been laid. These factors will dictate how many millimetres you can take off of the board in order for it to be still structural and safe. At Brisbanes Finest Floors we typically take 1-2mm of thickness of a board when completing a full sand.  This however this depends on the state of the board. (If a board is in bad condition a more thorough sand is needed).

Most timber flooring has a tongue and groove that slot into each other to hold the boards nice and tight together. In older houses where the floors are reaching the end of their lifespan and have been sanded numerous times the groove side of the board becomes weak and splits. These splits initially occur quite fine about 5-8mm in from the edges of the board and can result in the whole edge of the board completely breaking off. Wearing the boards thin by sanding is an inevitable process, and while timber floors may be tough and last many years, they are not everlasting. To prevent wearing your floorboards thin some good advice would be when they become surfaced scratched you can just get your floor recoated.

If your floors need a full sand make sure a professional takes care of the sanding as to not take too much off. However sometimes it is just the end of your floors life but it is not the end, new timber flooring can be laid over the top of existing and so can a vinyl plank, ensuring many more years of hard-wearing use. At Brisbanes Finest Floors we take care and pride in our sanding, preserving your floors for the years to come.








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