5 Secrets For Timber Flooring Maintenance


5 Secrets For Timber Flooring Maintenance

It’s time to put some love into your flooring and treat it right. Before you put off your timber flooring maintenance for another day, read this! It could change your mind!

You have spent endless hours and thousands of your hard earned dollars having hard timber floors installed. Don’t let it all be for nothing. Just like everything worth having, your floorboards require some form of timber maintenance, whether you do it yourself or you hire a professional. Your flooring is an investment and it’s time you started treating it like one!

Why timber flooring?

Timber flooring is not just a popular option for homes, it is commonly used in commercial spaces as well. Why? Because it offers so many benefits.

  • Easy to clean – Timber flooring is extremely easy to clean. Unlike carpet, the chances of staining are minimal and it won’t retain odours, which is fantastic if you have children or pets.
  • Allergens – As there is nowhere for dust and dust mites to harbour, those suffering from asthma or allergies will be able to enjoy their time inside without fear of their sensitivities flaring up.
  • Value for money – Timber floorboards are a long lasting flooring option that requires minimal maintenance. This alone makes timber flooring excellent value for money!
  • Eco-friendly – If you are attempting to make your home as green and sustainable as possible, timber flooring is a great choice. There are so many options and avenues to source environmentally friendly timber flooring; renewable and recycled timber are ideal when opting for eco-friendly.
  • They look great – There are so many variations in colour, grain and layout design, that it allows you to truly personalise your flooring. Your flooring has the power to give your home or business the atmosphere you desire.
  • Soft under foot – While timber flooring may not be as indulgent to walk on as carpet, it is softer under foot than tiles or concrete alternatives.

Timber floors – colours, grades woods

As you peruse your local hardware shed or boutique décor store, you will often hear avid renovators, builders and homeowners bragging about the types of wood they have installed for their flooring.

Making the decision to install timber flooring is a wise choice and one that you will be thankful for, for years to come. With making the decision also comes a lot of responsibility in choosing the right timber for your home, location and colour preferences. It is also very important to know the required amount of upkeep that your timber flooring is going to need to be kept in top condition.

You will need to consider:

  • Hardness of wood – Every wood comes with a different level of hardness and is scored using the Janka Hardness Test. The score is determined by calculating the force required to insert an 11.28mm steel ball halfway into a sample of wood. This measures the resistance a sample of wood has to wear and denting; the bigger the score the harder the timber is.
  • Colour – Each species of wood offers a different coloured timber; pinks, reds, browns and even a combination. You will be looking at it every day so you need to love the colour!
  • Grade – This is completely dependent on what you want your timber flooring to look like and the style of property it will be installed in. You might prefer the smooth, flawless appearance, whereas others will opt for grades that show the timber’s natural knots and insect markings.

The basics in timber flooring maintenance

Just like every type of flooring, timber requires some general upkeep. Many homeowners steer clear of timber flooring as they are under the impression it requires a lot more work to maintain it. Forget everything you have heard about how hard wooden floors are to keep clean and maintain. These basic tips will show you just how easy it really is.

  • Sweep – Invest in a good quality dust brush or soft bristled broom that allows you to remove all the dust from nooks and crannies as well as the general living space. You should do this daily. By keeping dust and dirt off the timber, you’ll prevent scratching and build up.
  • Mop – Get yourself a mop that is designed specifically for timber floors as it will be a soft fabric that doesn’t scratch the wood. Before you wet the floor in preparation to mop, STOP! You should not put an excessive amount of water on your timber floorboards as this can create some serious issues resulting in warping boards and affecting the stain. It is best to keep your timber floor as dry as possible. So, with a damp mop and pH neutral floor cleaner, thoroughly mop the surface. Avoid using steam mops on your timber floors.

Timber Flooring Maintenance - Mop


  • Sanding and polishing – Over time your floors will become scratched or damaged. This is not cause for concern. It simply means that you will need to have your timber flooring sanded and polished. This will restore its condition and have it looking like new.
  • Prevent premature scratching – At some point your floor boards will become scratched or damaged, but by taking precautions and using protection on your timber floors, they will remain in the best possible condition. Utilise protective pads underneath furniture legs and rugs to prevent castors scratching the polish. If inside pets reside at the property, ensure their claws or nails remain short as even a simple excited run to the front door could result in multiple scratches.
  • Fading – Not unlike your carpets and curtains, being exposed to direct sunlight will cause your timber flooring to fade and change colour. To reduce the risk of excessive exposure, use curtains or blinds to block direct sun exposure.

Even though general timber flooring maintenance is incredibly simple and requires minimal time, it is crucial in preserving your gorgeous wooden floors. They are after all an investment!

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