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Timber is the most gorgeous flooring material on the market, and it comes in a variety of finishes. Its timeless appearance and unrivalled versatility make it popular in everything from architect-designed modern homes, to 100-year-old Queenslanders. But to keep it at its best, you need to take good care of it, and that starts from the moment your timber flooring is fitted. So let’s take a look at some of the best timber finish options available to you.

Sikkens Timber Finish

Sikkens offers a three-coat oil-based timber finish, which is perfect for exterior decks. Sikkens withstands moisture well, and it’s an appropriate option for exterior timber decking, as well as interior spaces. It’s important to find timber finishes with good moisture resistance when you live in Queensland, too. Our humidity can affect indoor and outdoor timber, which means that you’ll need a good finish regardless of where your timber flooring is installed. The key to Sikkens’ moisture resistance lies in its oil-based composition, which penetrates deep into the grain of timber flooring to prevent moisture absorption.

Intergrain Timber Finish

Intergrain takes a unique approach to its timber finish, but it’s just as successful, and includes a range of water-based products. Intergrain has opted to avoid petrochemicals, which gives it the environmental tick of approval compared to many other timber finishes. But do water-based products work as well? They certainly do according to Intergrain’s rigorous testing regime! In fact, Intergrain has tested its product in the most demanding location imaginable: Tully in tropical north Queensland, which is the wettest place in Australia. If your timber finish can withstand that kind of environment, it’s likely to fare well in Brisbane.

Loba Timber Finish – Water based

Loba is water-based timber finish that is ideal for floors with moderate to high traffic. It comes in a gloss finish semi gloss, satin finish or matte finish and dries incredibly quickly. It has the advantage of not going an amber colour over time.

Polycure Timber Finish – Solvent based

Polycure is a solvent-based timber finish that protects timber flooring and similar substrates. It’s a highly durable product that is resistant to abrasion, and is available in beautiful satin and gloss finishes.

Fiddes – Hard Wax Oil

Fiddes is a hard wax oil that offers high durability and resistance for timber surfaces. It dries extra quickly, and is easy to maintain. It’s also available in matt, silk, and satin finishes, allowing you to apply your favourite look for your flooring.

Feast Watson – Floor paint

Feast Watson floor paint uses a special formula to revitalise your flooring, creating a fresh feel that is also water and mark resistant. It comes in a range of satin-finish colours, including white, beige, indigo, charcoal, and more, providing enough variety to achieve your desired look.

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