Hardwood timber deck coated with Sikkens Cetol deck

Hardwood timber deck sanded and coated with Sikkens Cetol deck

An Art Deco house with a timber deck finished with Sikkens Cetol  sanded and coated by Brisbanes Finest Floors combines the elegant, geometric lines of Art Deco architecture with the natural beauty of a well-maintained timber deck. Here are some details on both:
Characteristics of Art Deco Architecture:
Geometric Shapes: Art Deco architecture is known for its bold geometric shapes and patterns, often featuring zigzags, chevrons, and stepped forms.
Symmetry and Linearity: The design often emphasizes symmetry and clean, straight lines.
Ornamentation: Art Deco buildings frequently incorporate decorative elements such as stylized motifs, metalwork, and elaborate facades.
Materials: Common materials include stucco, concrete, smooth stone, and metal, often with a polished or shiny finish.
Colours: The colour palette can range from neutral tones to bold, contrasting colours, often highlighting the geometric designs.
Timber Deck with Sikkens Cetol:
Aesthetic Appeal: A timber deck treated with Sikkens Cetol provides a rich, translucent finish that highlights the natural grain of the wood, adding a warm, organic contrast to the sleek, geometric lines of Art Deco architecture.
Durability: Sikkens Cetol protects the timber from weathering, UV radiation, and moisture, ensuring the deck remains in excellent condition and complements the house for years to come.
Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including cleaning and periodic reapplication of Sikkens Cetol, keeps the deck looking its best and preserves its protective qualities. Give us a call and we can sand and coat your deck.
Complementing Art Deco Style:
Visual Contrast: The natural, warm tones of the timber deck provide a beautiful contrast to the often cool, geometric forms of Art Deco architecture, creating a balanced and visually appealing exterior.
Enhanced Features: The high-quality finish of Sikkens Cetol enhances the wood’s natural features, which can reflect the attention to detail and craftsmanship found in Art Deco design.
Outdoor Living: A well-maintained timber deck expands the living space of an Art Deco home, providing a stylish area for relaxation and entertaining that blends seamlessly with the architectural style.
An Art Deco house paired with a timber deck finished with Sikkens Cetol is a harmonious blend of elegance and natural beauty. The rich finish of the timber deck enhances the home’s aesthetic while providing durable, long-lasting protection. To get the best possible finish on your deck call Brisbanes Finest Floors on 0411220488