Coating Do’s & Don’ts For Your Floors

There is a wide range of floor coatings on the market, and their use depends on the type of flooring and whether it’s for a residential or commercial setting, among other factors. Epoxies are typically used for industrial settings as they offer mechanical and chemical resistance.

Assessing Termite Damage In Timber Floors

Every year, termites cause thousands of dollars of damage to homes across Australia. They’re an especially big problem in Queensland where they thrive in the hot, humid climate. Left untreated, the costs of termite damage can add up, so it’s important to deal with them as soon as possible. But it’s not always easy to […]

Spotted Gum parquetry with a polyurethane gloss finish

Hardwood timber flooring, recoated with a waterbased matte finish, Loba Duo

Gorgeous White Mahogany timber floor with Loba invisible coating

Gorgeous White Mahogany timber floor with Loba invisible coating

 Love restoring the old pine floors. Completely different look after the older polish is sanded back.

 Love restoring the old pine floors. Completely different look after the older polish is sanded back. Love restoring the old pine floors. Completely different look after the older polished solvent based polyurethane is sanded back

Prooftint samples Feast Watson

Hoop Pine timber flooring with a Loba water based semi gloss coating

  Beautiful set of stairs in the city that the boys worked on Friday night to get it ready for the work week! #loba #loba_on_top #queensland #brisbane #stairs #commerical #timberstairs #timerflooring #floorsanding #floorsandingbrisbane #portugalcork #queenslandtimberflooring

Oak parquetry in brickbond pattern with semi gloss finish on North Stradbroke Island

Recoating Timber Floors With A Prefinish

Prefinished timber is a popular modern flooring option in both residential and commercial buildings. Just like hardwood timber floors require care, prefinished timber requires proper maintenance over its lifetime. This guide to recoating timber floors with a prefinish covers everything you need to know to keep your floor in tip-top condition.

Hoop pine timber flooring coated with Loba Duo waterbased

Queenslander with hoop pine timber flooring, coated with Loba Duo (Waterbased)

Finished product in Spring Hill! Loba 2 pack semi- gloss finish

Finished product in Spring Hill! Loba 2 pack semi- gloss finish, a dream to apply achieving a silky smooth finish.

Tasmanian Oak timber floor coated with Loba Duo in Teneriffe

Big re-coat at commercial space in the Valley brought these floors back to life!!

Coating Reactions To Spills, Drips & sprays — How To Fix Stained Wood

Over time, drips, spills and sprays will invariably come into contact with a coated timber floor. Sometimes, it’s as easy as quickly wiping up the offending material. At other times you may not be aware of it, so it remains for a period of time on the floor, which can result in a permanent marking.

Install reclaimed pine floorboards with Polycure gloss finish

Timber Floors In Dry Times

Have you ever looked down at your timber floor and noticed gaps between the boards that weren’t there a week ago? If you have, don’t worry. You’re most likely observing your floor’s natural response to dry weather. In this guide to what happens to timber floors in dry times, we look at how changing humidity […]

Cupping, peaking and crowning in timber floors

Loved for their warm feel and elegant aesthetic, timber floors remain a popular choice with Australian homeowners. However, as a natural material, timber floors are prone to wear and tear over time and that sometimes includes timber cupping.

What Are Timber Floor Expansion Joints? And Do I Need Them?

As many homeowners know, wood is a material that shrinks and swells based on the weather. When it’s hot and humid, it absorbs excess moisture from the air and expands, and when it’s cold and dry, it expels moisture and contracts. That’s why houses creak and groan from time to time. They’re not ghosts—just the […]

Can You Sand Cork Floors? + Step By Step Guide

Cork is a durable, versatile, and affordable type of flooring that can look great in your home. But as with other flooring materials, it can wear down over time, and needs a little rejuvenation to restore its former glory.

Regulations For Stairs In Australia | Slip Resistance Guide

Whether you’re installing a new staircase or refurbishing an old one, it’s important to ensure it complies with regulations for stairs in Australia. These regulations cover a range of specifications which have important implications for how timber flooring is laid on the stairs. Below we outline the main regulations for stairs in Australia to help […]

A Guide To Slip Resistance For Timber Floors

Slips, trips, and falls are one of the most common household accidents across the world, and can lead to serious injuries, especially for older people with more brittle bones1. Every timber coating has something called a slip resistance, which is how slippery the flooring is after the product has been applied. To keep people safe, […]

How To Ensure Good Deck Ventilation For Your Project

Ground-level hardwood decking can make your garden or swimming pool look exquisite. But for it to hold its shape and strength, it requires adequate ventilation. Poorly ventilated decks can lead to a buildup of humidity, and because the moisture has nowhere to go, it’s usually absorbed by the timber instead, leading to swelling, cracking, gaps […]

Queenslander deck with spotted gum timber

Popular hardwoods include Blackbutt, Jarrah, Merbau and Spotted Gum. All are highly resilient, extremely durable, and have a natural fire resistance, so they are safe in bushfire-prone areas or for use under an outdoor kitchen or barbecue. Blackbutt is pale brown in colour, Jarrah is rich brown, Merbau warm red-brown and Spotted Gum can range […]

How To Deal With Flooded Timber | Solid, Engineered, Laminate & Bamboo

With parts of Queensland and New South Wales experiencing damaged floods, now is a good time to consider what that might mean for your timber floors. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to deal with flooded timber to get you started.

How To Seal Timber Floors The Easy Way

If your timber flooring is looking a little worse for wear, you may be thinking about restoring it to its former glory. Sealing the timber floor is one way of doing so, and is a three-step process that should include a high-quality sealant that suits your specific needs.

Mixed hardwood timber flooring with a water based satin finish

Mixed hardwood timber flooring with a water based satin finish. Mixed Hardwood Timber Flooring is a mix of all different timber species and colours. You will get a range of timber species from the blonde, cream, brown, red and yellow timber species Please give us a call if you would like your timber flooring revived

Beautiful view and beautiful blackbutt timber floor

The timber floors here are blackbutt and the coating is a water based satin finish. Such a great restoration to work on. Right on the water at Moreton Bay

Timber flooring has a water based satin finish

This lovely blackbutt timber floor has a water based satin finish. Do your timber floors need a recoat or a full sand? Please give us a call for a quotation 0411 220 488

What Does Decking Oil Do? Should I Use Stain Instead?

Taking care of your deck is as important as building it. What’s the point in spending all that money on a beautiful deck if one year later it looks old and uncared for? Obviously you want it at its best for as long as possible—this is where decking oil comes in handy! So what exactly […]

How Long Does Decking Oil Take To Dry? Times For Your Product

You’ve just finished meticulously oiling your deck, carefully running your brush down every plank twice over. With your deck glistening and the hard work done, you might be asking yourself: how long does decking oil take to dry?

Decking—What You Need To Know | Types, Designs & Costs

From providing a setting for outdoor entertaining or simply a spot to soak up a little Vitamin D, an outdoor deck can provide an instant connection between the outdoors and indoors, as well as adding value to your home. So whether you’re considering adding a quiet little nook in your inner-city courtyard or a generously […]

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Floor sanding and Polishing completed by Brisbanes Finest Floors

  This Queenslander located in Brisbane has the original exterior and a modern up to date interior. Brisbanes Finest Floors have sanded and polished this beauty.  The timber floor sanding and polishing has lifted this floor and given it new life.  I love the satin finish.

Oiling A Deck | Everything You Need To Know [Easy Guide]

A timber deck is a gorgeous outdoor feature of a house, but it requires maintenance to keep its lustrous look. If you’re oiling a deck for the first time, there are some things you must know before you start the process. The preparation for oiling your deck will be different if your deck is newly installed, […]

Oak timber flooring in Brisbane suburb

These oak timber floors are magnificent. They suit any home because of its durability, natural beauty and timeless look. A perfect fresh look for this Brisbane house with its white interior. Do you need a quotation to sand and polish your timber floors. Please give Brisbanes Finest Floors a call on 0411 220 488.

The Best Decking Oils For Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is an Australian eucalyptus that grows on the eastern side of the country, and generally harvested in Queensland and New South Wales. They can produce a dazzling variety of colours—golden browns, caramels, russets, even grays, and an attractive wavy texture that makes them a popular (albeit expensive) choice for house decking.

Deck Cleaning with Napisan | Quick & Easy

It’s important to keep your timber deck clean, and there’s plenty of ways to do it. The best method is to use a cleaning product that matches the brand of your deck’s coating (e.g. if the deck is coated with Intergrain oiluse the Intergrain deck cleaning product). But you can’t always know (or remember) what […]

The Absolute Best Decking Oil for Merbau

The outdoor deck is the quintessential gathering place for Aussies—a place for friends and family to honour birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and any other celebration worth having. Australian hardwood decks are commonly made of Merbau—a smooth hardwood grown in the Southeast Pacific Rim, including Northern Queensland. It’s termite-resistant, durable, and has a beautiful red finish[2], making […]

Best Decking Oil | The Ultimate List

Timber decking is tough, but it still needs protection from the harsh Queensland environment. One of the best ways to keep timber decking in top condition is with a high quality decking oil, which penetrates the wood and protects it against excess moisture, humidity, and direct sunlight. 

Buffing vs Sanding Hardwood Floors | Expert Guide

Hardwood timber floors look spectacular, and there are lots of ways to make their stunning features shine. But when it comes to restoration and maintenance, two techniques stand out: buffing and sanding. So which is better? Well, that depends on your floor’s condition!

What is the Best Timber Finish? | Expert Guide

Timber is the most gorgeous flooring material on the market, and it comes in a variety of finishes. Its timeless appearance and unrivalled versatility make it popular in everything from architect-designed modern homes, to 100-year-old Queenslanders. But to keep it at its best, you need to take good care of it, and that starts from […]

What is Cork Tile Flooring?

Cork tile flooring rose to fame in the 19th century, installed in Spanish and Portuguese cathedrals that can still be seen today. More recently, it became a popular choice for bedrooms and kitchens, but fell out of favour for a little while.

Australian Timber Hardness Table |Which Is The Toughest?

Australian timber comes from a variety of trees and plants—the Ironbark, Jarrah, Messmate, and Tasmanian Oak to name a few. Every species of tree has a unique DNA sequence that defines everything about it, instructing the tree to grow a certain height and breadth, to grow leaves of a certain shape, and to grow wood […]

How To Protect Hardwood Floors & Lengthen Their Life

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but over time, they can easily become damaged and lose their illustrious shimmer. To keep your hardwood floors in top condition, they need regular protective maintenance, and just as different species of timber vary in hardness and colour, so do the recommended cleaning and maintenance processes. 

Preparing Wooden Floors For Sanding And Polishing | Expert Guide

Timber flooring is gorgeous, and lends a prestigious air to any deck or room. But as time passes, it’ll start to lose its once-perfect shine, and will need to be restored to bring it back to full glory. 

What Type Of Coating Should I Choose For My Timber Floors?

A timber floor coating is an outer shell that protects floors from spills, scratches and wear and tear. Over time, the protective coating wears down and may need maintenance, but durability can vary depending on the finish of the floor. But what types of coatings are available and how do they compare? 

Parquetry feature floor with waterbased finish

Parquetry timber feature floor with water based finish

Hoop pine timber floor

Hoop pine timber floor

Timber deck sanded and coated before and after

Timber deck sanded and coated before and after

Floor sanding and polishing Brisbane

Floor sanding and polishing Brisbane

Now Is The Ideal Time For Deck Sanding & Coating

The fierce Australian climate can be devastating to wooden decking, with the summer sun and rain causing it to crack, peel, and fade over time. As we come into the final few weeks of autumn, now is the ideal time for sanding and coating your deck, so that you can restore it to its former […]

Timber floor sanding apprentice in training

Timber floor sanding apprentice in training

Timber floor sanding apprentice in training

Timber floor sanding apprentice in training

Brisbanes Finest Floors are still open

Brisbanes Finest Floors are still open

Hoop pine timber floors in Brisbane

This workers cottage has hoop pine timber floors in Brisbane. The nails are punched but not filled, bare minimum sanding and water based satin finish for that rustic look to enhance the natural features of this timber. This is a very popular look for these older floors.

Gorgeous deck brought back to life

Gorgeous deck brought back to life

Re-coating vs Sanding and Polishing: What’s My Best Option?

If your timber floors look like they need a little bit of TLC, you might be wondering the best way to spruce them up and return them to their former glory. There are two main types of timber refinishing: Re-coating or polishing and sanding. But what’s the best refinishing option for your floor?

Happy Christmas from Brisbanes Finest Floors

Happy Christmas from Brisbanes Finest Floors

Wooden deck in Camp Hill

Timber deck in Camp Hill

Timber floor sanding, Brisbane

Timber floor sanding, Brisbane

What Are The Acceptable Moisture Levels In Wood Flooring?

Did you know that one of the most significant threats to the integrity of timber floors is moisture? Well-maintained hardwood floors can last hundreds of years. Understanding the effects moisture has on timber, as well as acceptable moisture levels in wood flooring, will keep your timber floor looking pristine throughout its lifetime.

Hardwood timber stairs waterbased finish in East Brisbane

This set of hardwood timber stairs has been sanded and polished and we have used a waterbased finish.  It is located in East Brisbane which is an inner suburb of Brisbane which has many original Queenslander houses.

Timber floor care and maintenance

  Australian homeowners adore timber floors for their durability, low allergenic qualities and lovely, warm, lived-in patina. With a little regular care and maintenance, you can keep your timber floor’s finish looking beautiful for years to come. Here are our top eight timber floor care tips to help you keep your sanded and stained timber […]

Blackbutt timber floor with waterbased finish

How many times can you sand your hardwood timber floors? The amount of times you can sand your floors purely depends on the board profile and thickness of board that has been laid. These factors will dictate how many millimetres you can take off of the board in order for it to be still structural […]

Timber Floor Care and Maintenance

Australian homeowners adore timber floors for their durability, low allergenic qualities and lovely, warm, lived-in patina. With a little regular care and maintenance, you can keep your timber floor’s finish looking beautiful for years to come. Here are our top 10 timber floor care tips to help you keep your sanded and stained timber floors […]

Annerley period home with timber decks

Annerley period home with timber decks

Oak timber floor in Albion, Brisbane

Oak timber floor in Albion

Timber deck coated with Sikkens

Timber deck coated with Sikkens

How To Sand And Stain A Deck

Over time, even the sturdiest and most well-maintained wood decks will fade and begin to look worn, stained or bleached from the sun and rain. When this happens, your best bet to restore your deck is to hire professionals to do the job, or if you’re feeling brave, tackle the job yourself. This guide will […]

Recycled hardwood board

Paddington, recycled wharf timber

Floor sanding and polishing terminology

Floor sanding and polishing terminology

15 Types of Australian Hardwood Timber Species

Australian hardwood timber is both durable and gorgeous, providing a home with an organic warmth, softness and tactility that no other flooring material can match. Solid Australian timber floors exude natural beauty and can endure decades of use. This guide explores 15 native Australian hardwood timber species, including their colours, textures, grains, qualities, and practical […]

Fabulous hardwood timber deck

Fabulous hardwood timber deck

Recycled wharf timber floor sanding Balmoral, Brisbane

Recycled wharf timber floor sanding Balmoral, Brisbane

Brisbane, Paddington, deck sanding and coating

Hardwood comes from deciduous trees which lose their leaves annually.  Softwood comes from a conifer which remains evergreen.  Hardwood is usually slower growing and is more dense than softwood.

Best Deck Finishes | Recommendations For Deck Finishes That Last

Are you looking for the best deck finish to ensure your deck keeps looking beautiful for years to come? Whether you’re renovating or maintaining your outdoor space, it’s worth investing in deck finishes that last. When it comes to deck coating products, we recommend using quality finishes from Sikkens, Intergrain and Flood. This is what […]

Hardwood timber floor in Brisbane

Pets & Timber Floors

Do you have pets and timber floors? Some pets have a particular knack for getting up to mischief. If you have beautiful wooden floorboards installed in your home, you’re likely keen to make sure your beloved pet doesn’t accidentally damage them.

Blackbutt timber flooring

Blackbutt timber flooring

Brushbox timber floor in Ashgrove, Qld

Brushbox timber floor in Ashgrove Qld

Hardwood timber floor with black stain and satin finish

Hardwood timber floor with black stain and satin finish

Vibrant bar in Fortitude Valley

Vibrant bar in Fortitude Valley

Oak timber floor with waterbased satin finish

Wood Colour Change | Sunlight & Your Timber Floor

Australian timbers have become a popular flooring material across Australia due to their natural beauty, strength, low maintenance upkeep, impact resistance, and a stunning variety of colours. But did you know that timber, like many organic materials, will naturally change colour when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays?

Beautiful blackbutt timber floor and stairs

This beautiful blackbutt timber floor and stairs has been sanded and polished by Brisbanes Finest Floors.  It is located in Camp Hill, Brisbane.  A water based satin finish has been applied.  Do you need your timber floor revitalised, please give us a call on 0411 220 488.

Beautiful Paddington in Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions: Acclimatisation of Timber Floors

Q: What is timber acclimatisation? A: Timber acclimatisation is the process of adjusting or conditioning the moisture content of timber flooring to the level of moisture in your living environment, such as your home, to decrease the level of shrinking or swelling after installation. Q: How does water affect wood? A: Timber naturally adjusts its […]

Chandler home gymnasium

Timber deck Hamilton, Brisbane

Blackbutt timber floor located in Bardon, Brisbane

This blackbutt timber floor is coated with a waterbased satin finish and is located in Bardon Brisbane

Blackbutt timber floor located in Bardon, Brisbane

This blackbutt timber floor is located in Bardon, Brisbane. Blackbutt the name is due to the tree’s appearance after bushfire. Blackbutt provides great fire resistance.

Carbonised Oak Hard wax oil satin finish

Mixed hardwood with water based satin finish

This commercial property is located in Carindale, Brisbane. We have sanded and coated this mixed hardwood with a waterbased satin finish. Brisbanes Finest Floors loves bringing old and new timber floors to life Do you need your properties floor renewed? Are you looking for advice. Please give us a call on 0411 220 488 for […]

How To Choose A Timber Stain For Your Deck

A well-chosen timber deck stain will complement your home and add visual interest. Here’s how to choose a timber stain for your deck. Choosing a deck stain colour to coordinate with your house 1. Decide On A Colour Wheel Palette First, look at the colour palette of your home’s exterior. Your home’s existing or planned […]

American Oak timber floor in Ashgrove, Brisbane

This American Oak timber floor is coated with a waterbased finish and is located in Ashgrove, Brisbane Ashgrove is an inner suburb in the City of Brisbane in Queensland. It is located 4 kilometres north-west of the Brisbane CBD. Ashgrove is an upmarket, leafy residential suburb characterised by its hilly terrain and characteristic Ashgrovian houses […]

5 Things You Need To Know Before Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Despite their toughness and striking beauty, hardwood floors will experience inevitable wear and tear over their lifespan. Fortunately, any accidental damage from scratches, spills, dirt or shifting furniture can easily be fixed by sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors. If you’re considering hiring someone to rejuvenate your hardwood floors, here’s some advice to ensure your […]

Timber Floor Care | Expert Tips and Tricks

As timber floors have grown in popularity so has the advice offered by supposed ‘experts’. However, this type of flooring requires specific care and there are some processes and products that are definite no-nos when it comes to maintenance – particularly if you want them to last a lifetime (which they should). Here is an […]

Federation features in Hamilton home

This home located in Hamilton, Queensland has federation features.  Brisbanes Finest Floors has sanded and polished this timber red ironbark floor and applied stain and a semi gloss finish.  Do you want a fresh vibrant look for your floors, please give us a call on 0411 220 488

Only 5 weeks till Christmas! Is your timber deck ready?

Having a timber deck in Queensland is an outdoor living lifestyle and what better time of the year to enjoy this than the Christmas/New Year season.  If you would like some advice on sanding and coating your timber deck or would like us to give you a quotation please call me on 0411 220 488. […]

Choosing Living Room Flooring | What You Need To Know

If you are in the market for some new flooring for your living room, there is a range of factors to consider based on the style of flooring you’re after and your functional needs. These range from cost and durability to lifestyle factors, insulation properties and the all-important aesthetics. Here are some of your best […]

Queenslander timber deck with wrought iron balustrades

This beautiful Queenlander has magnificent iron balustrades.  Do you need your timber deck updated.  Give us a call on 0411 220 488. Your iron railings and balustrades will stand strong for a lifetime Balustrades are required for any raised platform at least 1 metre in height where there is a drop off below. They are an important […]

What Are the Different Types Of Wood Finishes? An Expert Guide

Timber is a beautiful, versatile building material that’s been used for thousands of years to construct a range of items including floors. However, in order to keep timber floors functioning at their best, they need to be protected from things like weathering, moisture, abrasion, chemicals, mould and fungi. Timber finishing can help to not only […]

Is your timber deck summer ready?

This timber deck is now summer ready.  Please give us a call on 0411 220 488 if you would like a quotation, we would love to assist you.  Brisbanes Finest Floors has sanded back and coated this deck with Sikkens it is located in Ashgrove, Brisbane.  Ashgrove is an upmarket, leafy residential suburb characterised by its […]

Commercial timber deck sanded and coated by Brisbanes Finest Floors

These commercial timber decks were a huge job and look at the fantastic results.  All up 1280 sqm of gorgeous spotted gum.  Sanded and coated with Sikkens HLS.  Do you need your decks renewed for summer.  Please give us a call on 0411 220 488. Spotted gum, like jarrah and blackbutt, is a good choice for bushfire […]

What are the hardwood species grown in Queensland?

Hardwood floors are a not only a stunning addition to any home, they are also durable, easy to maintain and if cared for properly, their aesthetic properties can last a lifetime. But have you ever wondered why different species of hardwoods are often referred to by the same name? Common vs. Botanical Names Of Hardwoods Here […]

You wont believe the difference!

This floor below is an interior design company located in Newstead, Brisbane.  The timber floor was sanded, coated with waterbased polish and stain.  It has given this space a brand new modern look and it will make the furniture pop.  If you are after a change to your flooring give us a call for a […]

Timber wall and floor with clock

This is a great way to make a timber feature wall pop.  This was sanded and finished with a waterbased polish.  I love the ideas some of our customers come up with.  If you are in need of some ideas for your timber floors or if they need a fresh new look please give Brisbanes Finest […]

Parquetry laid and sanded at a Brisbane University

This beautiful blackbutt parquetry floor is located at a Brisbane University.   It is laid in a herringbone pattern and sanded and polished all by Brisbanes Finest Floors. The coating used is Intergrain waterbased.

Dealing With A Water Damaged Wooden Floor – Expert Tips

According to the Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA), timber floors currently represent over 25% of the flooring market, and there is a good reason why. Natural timber floors are beautiful, functional and durable and when cared for properly, will also last a lifetime.

Brisbane boarding school refreshing timber floors in their dining hall

This grand old dining hall in a Brisbane boarding school has been sanded and finished by Brisbanes Finest Floors.  So nice to have these heritage buildings and floors still around after 100 years.

Thanks for such a great review!

“ Brisbane Finest Floors sanded and sealed our sprung timber floor at the BrisWest Centre in Paddington. We are so thrilled with the end result. It is beautiful and all of our hall users comment on the transformation of our floor. Brisbane Finest Floors were very professional to deal with. They fitted in with our […]

Commercial Property on Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane

We have sanded and polished this floor on the Brisbane River.  What a magnificent view and a great place to have a drink after work.  Do you need your floor refinished.  Please give us a call on 0411 220 488 for a quotation.  

What Is Ghosting On Timber Floors? An Expert Explains

In terms of wooden floors, ‘ghosting’ traditionally refers to the appearance of lightly coloured boot prints that appear in a floor finish, normally a considerable time after the floor has been coated. Homeowners will often begin to see unusual lighter patches in the coating, and over time these become more obviously a boot print. Confusion […]

Timber stairs with polyurethane gloss finish

The Queenslander house is a classic piece of Australian architectural design. With its distinctive timber and corrugated iron appearance. This set of timber stairs if from a queenslander.  We have sanded and coated these stairs with polyurethane gloss finish.

Boardwalk renewal in Brisbane

This boardwalk located in Moggill, Brisbane has been coated with Intergrain Ultradeck.  The difference it makes is amazing.

Parquetry timber floor

The parquetry below is finished off in a satin finish, there is a big difference in the before and after photo’s. Parquetry is a geometric mosaic of timber pieces used for decorative effect in flooring. Parquet patterns are often entirely geometrical and angular—squares and triangles  – but may contain curves. The most popular parquet flooring pattern is herringbone  

Are Timber Floors Environmentally Friendly?

When it comes to floor covering options, there are a huge array of options that can vary according to cost, comfort, durability and maintenance, however the range of environmental impacts the manufacturing and installation of a floor can have on the environment can also vary widely.

Internal Timber deck with shutters

This internal timber deck has been sanded and coated with Sikkens Cetol deck.  It is located in Brisbane, Queensland Do you need your deck or internal floors looked after, please give the professionals at Brisbanes Finest Floors a call on 0411 220 488

Dress up your timber front entrance

We have coated this timber front entrance and bought it back to life.  Do you need your front entrance redone, give us a call on 0411 220 488

Queenslander with timber deck coated with Intergrain

This beautiful Queenslander timber deck has been coated with Intergrain stain.  Do your decks need a renew, the best time to have them renewed is winter.  Please give us a call for an obligation free quote.

An Expert Guide To Timber Floor Care And Maintenance

As timber floors have grown in popularity, so has the advice and products surrounding exactly how you should clean and maintain them. Not only that, timber species differ in colour and hardness, and coatings and floor finishes vary which means the methods of maintenance and the cleaning products that can be used is also different. […]

Hampton’s timber deck coated with Sikkens

Hampton’s style is coastal and casual with minimal colours.  This timber deck is timeless and is located in Brisbane Queensland.  Do you need your timber deck refreshed and renewed.  Please give us a call on 0411 220 488

The Impact Of Timber Floor Colour and Grade On Your Home Flooring

Timber floors are not only naturally beautiful, they are also hard wearing, environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and they can add a significant amount of value to your home. However, if you’re considering investing in a timber floor, there are a number of factors you need to consider, and they relate to both the colour […]

A Guide To Repairing Hardwood Floors

  Nothing quite compares to the visual impact of a beautifully maintained wooden timber floor, however when it comes to keeping them in tip-top condition, it’s sometimes difficult to know if and when you can attempt the job yourself.  

Community Hall in Paddington

This community hall in Paddington has a beautiful Crows Ash timber floor with a water based satin finish.  This community centre has a great feel to it. A community hall is a place that is specially provided for the people, groups, and organizations in a particular area, where they can go in order to meet one another and do things.

Spotted Gum timber deck with Sikkens Cetol finish

We used Sikkens Cetol on our deck located in Wilston, Brisbane, Sikkens enhances the natural beauty of wood. The Sikkens products have been tried and tested in Australian conditions since 1973 and used by architects, builders and painters throughout Australia and the world. Sikkens is recommended by professionals for professionals and is used when only the […]

Blackbutt timber floor with waterbased satin finish

A moderate to large tree, attaining 40 to 60 m in height and 1 to 2 m in stem diameter. It has a straight slender trunk, circular in cross-section. The bark on the lower part of the trunk is dark grey-brown in colour, fibrous and fissured. Typical smooth gum type bark occurs on branches and […]

Deck Maintenance Tips: Caring For Your Deck After A Storm

Owning a timber deck is a fantastic way to extend your outdoor living area, and the ideal way to enjoy those endless summer days entertaining. However, dirt, debris and daily wear and tear can wreak havoc on even the most well maintained timber deck, particularly when combined with Australia’s brutal elements. And that includes our […]

Floor Sanding And Polishing | How To Prepare & Terminology

Nothing quite compares to the organic quality and aesthetic appeal of hardwood timber floors. But like most things around the home, they need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. In this article, we’ll cover what’s involved in polishing and sanding, how to prepare floors for either process, and whether it’s worth attempting to […]

How To Choose Flooring For Your Home

Timber, vinyl, bamboo, cork floorings … the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to choosing flooring for your home. And given that floors are an important investment and play such a big part in the look, feel and atmosphere of virtually your entire home, it’s important to take some time to consider your options. […]

Top Five Tips for Timber Deck Maintenance

Queensland homes are famous for their decks, and if you have one you will know why! Timber decks are more than just a good-looking extension of your home; they are a place to enjoy the laidback Queensland lifestyle. So naturally, it’s important to keep them in good shape. But what exactly does that involve? Well, […]

Timber deck in Auchenflower, Brisbane

This timber deck in located in the Brisbane suburb of Auchenflower.  This deck is the place to relax, entertain and live.  If your deck needs a re coat please give Matt a call on 0411 220 488.

Christmas is coming, is your timber floor ready?

This timber floor in Kelvin Grove is a hoop pine timber, we have coated with a polyurethane gloss finish.  It sparkles just like Christmas.  Are you thinking of getting your timber floors refinished?  Give us a call on 0411 220 488 and we can come out and give you a free quotation.

The Top 5 Deck Staining Tips From the Experts

There is no better expression of the Australian way of life than a deck. They offer everything we love: a great outdoor living space, somewhere to keep the BBQ, and a fantastic DIY opportunity! If you’re reading this, then the time has probably come for you to stain your deck. Over time, timber decks become […]

Brisbanes Finest Floors, Review

Thanks for this great review. Do you need your floors sanded and  polished, please give Matthew a call on 0411220488 I was extremely impressed with the job you did reviving my 17 year old hardwood floors.  They look like new. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the whole process was and that we were […]

The Benefits Of Anti Slip For Stairs In Your Home

Have you ever wondered where most accidents occur in and around the home? The answer probably won’t surprise you: stairs are a very significant culprit! Of course, there is always a risk of falling over. You could quite conceivably have an unlucky spill anywhere in your house. However usually, the risk of serious injury is […]

Floor Resurfacing: How Often Do I Need To Resurface My Timber Flooring?

Timber floors are appealing to homeowners because they are resilient and low maintenance in comparison to other flooring options. That said – in order to get the most out of hardwood floors in your home, you should be aware of the importance of floor resurfacing.

Blackbutt timber stairs, Anti Slip?

ARE YOUR BLACKBUTT TIMBER STAIRS ANTI SLIP SAFE. In 2014 the Australian Building Codes Board and State government regulators introduced new regulations for slip resistance on timber stairs within the building Code of Australia. This means that when sanding and coating timber stairs in new builds, extensions or additions, the timber treads must have an Anti […]

Floor Sanding Preparation and Expectations : Handy Tips From The Experts

Floor sanding preparation: Before we arrive to sand your floors If building or renovating, the start date for sanding and coating floors is critical particularly in relation to other trades.  Carpentry, electrical, plastering, plumbing and glazing should be completed before work on the floor can start.  For the best results ensure all other tradesmen have […]

5 Secrets For Timber Flooring Maintenance

  It’s time to put some love into your flooring and treat it right. Before you put off your timber flooring maintenance for another day, read this! It could change your mind!

Hoop Pine timber flooring in Ashgrove

This Queenslander is located in Ashgrove and has a hoop pine timber floor that Brisbanes Finest Floors have coated with polyurethane semi gloss finish. Hoop pine occurs naturally in drier rainforests from Hastings River, New South Wales, to Far North Queensland and as far inland as 300 km. It is also grown in plantations, mainly in […]

Brushbox timber flooring in Chermside West

Brushbox is a gorgeous timber, we have sanded and this floor in Chermside West and coated with a waterbased satin. Brushbox is a sought after timber for its unique properties and aesthetic qualities. It has a fine and even texture with a beautiful, rich colour. It can vary from pale pinkish grey to rich reddish brown. Brushbox […]

5 Secrets For Decking Maintenance

Your deck needs upkeep and care, so before you think your decking maintenance can wait, it can’t! You spent thousands of your hard earned dollars installing the perfect entertaining deck, now you need to spend the time and money to keep it in peak condition. Your deck is an investment and you should treat it […]

Blackbutt timber floor, Iconic Cleveland Restaurant

This gorgeous wooden floor belongs to an iconic Cleveland Restaurant and was sanded and polished by Brisbanes Finest Floors.  The timber is Blackbutt and it has been coated with a waterbased satin finish.  Are you looking to get your floors sanded and polished and are in the Brisbane area, please give us a call on […]

Farmhouse timber floor, rustic look

Thankyou Brisbanes Finest Floors for restoring our farmhouse floors…. Most floor sanders would have “attacked” the floors and taken them back to shiny, new timber. We wanted to keep the patina, heritage aging, and 100 years of wear and tear. Very few contractors would take on the job, nor could they understand the concept. You […]

Timber deck in Ashgrove, Brisbane

We sanded and coated this timber deck in Ashgrove, Brisbane.  It is the epitome of indoor/outdoor living. Having a deck ads value and space to your home and living in Queensland we can enjoy it all year round.  The coating is Sikkens Cetol deck, which enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

Farmhouse floor with vintage charm

Thankyou Brisbanes Finest Floors for restoring our farmhouse floors…. Most floor sanders would have “attacked” the floors and taken them back to shiny, new timber. We wanted to keep the patina, heritage aging, and 100 years of wear and tear. Very few contractors would take on the job, nor could they understand the concept. You […]

Floor sanding – before and after

Floor sanding before and after photo’s, this beautiful house in Indooroopilly, Brisbane is a classic.  The house has been lovingly restored and brought back to life.  Floor sanding – before and after

Heritage timber parquetry

Heritage listed commercial job on timber parquetry, we have relaid this elegant old parquetry, sanded the floor and coated with a polyurethane satin finish.


Brisbanes Finest Floors did an amazing job bringing to life a newly laid hardwood floor and revitalising an existing polished wooden floor. Their service and workmanship was first class. I have recommended them to my family and friends. Rob F Moorooka February 2017

Spotted gum timber floors with gloss finish.

This gorgeous house is located in Paddington in Brisbane.  It has glorious spotted gum timber floors that we have sanded and then coated with a polyurethane gloss finish. Spotted Gum is very unique and a very popular Australian timber. There is not another timber in the world like Spotted Gum. The colour varies widely between pale […]

Five Things To Do Before Oiling A New Deck

Your new deck is finally finished and it looks great, but before you get the family around to show off your new deck, STOP! You must read this because there are a few things you need to know before you can truly enjoy it! After months of waiting, planning and construction work, your timber deck […]

Terms of Trade – Brisbanes Finest Floors

  Terms Of Trade – Brisbanes Finest Floors M. Thompson Pty Ltd T/A Brisbanes Finest Floors – Terms & Conditions of Trade Definitions “BFF” shall mean Thompson Pty Ltd T/A Brisbanes Finest Floors, its successors and assigns or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of M. Thompson Pty Ltd T/A Brisbanes […]

Timber decking with a Sikkens finish.

Wouldn’t it be nice afternoon drinks on this deck on a summers eve.  We have sanded the timber hardwood deck and coated it with Sikkens Cetol finish.  Give Brisbanes Finest Floors a call on 0411 220 488, we can renew your timber decking or your internal floors.

Mixed hardwood flooring in Ashgrove

The timber in this house is mixed hardwood.  The renovation was completed in Ashgrove.  We have sanded and polished the mixed hardwood flooring and the wall of the island bench, which was laid in a staggered pattern.  We have then coated with a semi gloss finish.  

Hoop pine timber floor in Hamilton Queensland

This original floor below is located in Hamilton, Queensland it is hoop pine, a native Australian species found in Queensland and New South Wales.  The hoop pine tree can live up to 450 years and grow to a height of 60 metres.  We have sanded and finished this floor with a semi gloss polyurethane.  

Blackbutt timber floor with waterbased finish

This fantastic Queenslander has had a makeover.  We have sanded and polished the blackbutt timber floors and put a waterbased finish.  It just brings the home to life.

5 Secrets For Sanding Floorboards

Whether you’re considering sanding floorboards in one room or neck deep in a full house renovation, you’ve come to the right place for expert advice. Nothing looks better than beautifully sanded and polished floorboards, especially in a renovated, grand old Queenslander. There are so many benefits to sanding floorboards professionally, including getting the best possible […]

Merry Christmas from Brisbanes Finest Floors

Merry Christmas from Brisbanes Finest Floors, best wishes for a happy new year filled with health, happiness, and spectacular success

Floating timber stairs

These floating timber stairs are in the process of being completed.  The timber in this staircase is Durian.  We have sanded the stairs and stained the timber with Feast Watson – Black Japan.  We have then finished with a polyurethane satin finish.  These floating stairs are very popular in all different types of houses.

Blackbutt Timber Flooring With Contemporary Twist

Check out this new build in Seven Hills, Brisbane, they have their flooring going up the walls for a modern clean look.  We have sanded and polished these floors and walls and coated with a polyurethane semi gloss finish.

Top Five Deck Oiling Tips and Tricks

NEWSFLASH! Your outdoor deck needs your protection! Vulnerable to a whole host of different threats, your decking will not live up to its potential—unless you give it the safeguard it needs to thrive. If you are building a new home with a deck, you NEED to read these deck oiling tips. If your deck has […]

Timber flooring in Enoggera, all ready for Christmas

This house is located in Enoggera, Brisbane.  The floors are pine timber and have been sanded and coated with a semi gloss finish.  Do you need your timber flooring in Enoggera done, inside or out? Brisbanes Finest Floors can help you with your decking or inside flooring.  Give us a call for a free quotation.

Timber decking renewed and ready for Christmas

Relax and entertain outdoors all year round.  We have revived this decking and it is now ready for the Christmas festivities.  This timber deck has been sanded and coating with Aquadeck and is located in Toowong, Brisbane.  If you would like to redo your decking please give us a call on 0411 220 488.

New Farm, Brisbane, Hardwood Timber Floor

This gorgeous new modern addition to a heritage home in New Farm is beautifully done.  It features a stunning hardwood timber floor and we have stained it dark brown and finished with a polyurethane satin.

4 Secrets For Cleaning Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is stylish and timeless. But anyone with timber flooring also knows that it has a remarkable ability to show up every bit of dirt, pet hair and debris that makes its way onto the ground. This can be a good thing; unlike carpet you know exactly where to clean, without the worry of […]

Vintage Home is an Ashgrovian delight – Timber Pine Floor Ashgrove

  This magnificent homes timber pine floor has been sanded and polished with a waterbased satin finish.  Loving the magnificent Ashgrovian Delight “Ashgrovian is the term coined for a variation of the Queenslander built between the late 1920’s and World War II in the suburb of Ashgrove in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia”.     Vintage home […]

1930’s Home – Blackbutt Timber Flooring Ascot

This 1930’s home in Ascot, Brisbane is a magnificent property.  The beautiful blackbutt timber flooring was sanded and polished and we coated it with a waterbased satin finish.

Deck Sanding Only – Ready For Owner To Coat

Do you want to save money on having your deck restored?  At Brisbanes Finest Floors we offer you deck sanding only, where we sand your deck and get it ready for you to coat yourself!

Floorboard Polishing: DIY or Hire and Expert?

Timber flooring is one of the most diverse and robust flooring solutions on the market and it makes a fantastic addition to any home. Timber has been used in the flooring of homes for centuries and there are many very good reasons for this. In particular, timber offers durability that is almost unrivalled and it […]

Hoop pine floor, waterbased satin finish

This gorgeous older home is located in Pullenvale, Brisbane.  Check out the before shot.  The hoop pine floor was sanded and polished with a waterbased satin finish.  It makes such a difference and just lightens the whole area.

Timber Floor Sanded And Polished

These timber floors are located in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane and were sanded and polished by Brisbanes Finest Floors.  They give this house a modern, contemporary look.  The finish used on this floor is polyurethane gloss. If you want your timber floor sanded and polished, get in touch with us today!

The Ultimate Floor Sanding Guide

DIY floor sanding doesn’t have to be rough on your body or your budget. Use our ‘Ultimate Floor Sanding Guide’ so you can do it yourself without doing yourself in. If in doubt, always trust the experts to provide help, advice or handiwork to keep your floors looking stunning for the long term.

Timber Deck in Camp Hill, Brisbane

Timber deck in Camp Hill, Brisbane.  We have sanded this deck and coated with Sikkens Cetol deck oil.  Now that’s an outdoor kitchen.

Mixed Hardwood Timber in Sunnybank, Brisbane

Have a look at these mixed hardwood timber floors we have done in Sunnybank, Brisbane.  The floors are mixed hardwood timber with a polyurethane gloss finish.  This gives the house a fresh new look, a little bit of styling and get it ready for sale.

Blackbutt Timber Floor

We sanded and polished this Blackbutt timber floor and coated with a waterbased satin.  I love the natural understated look that this kitchen has.  Not long and it will be someones dream kitchen.  This is located in Balmoral, Brisbane.  

Timber stairs with waterbased satin finish.

Did you know: Stair climbing is officially classed a ‘vigorous exercise’ and burns more calories per minute than jogging. These timber stairs are located in Corinda, Brisbane and have a waterbased satin finish.

Hoop pine timber floor, The Gap, Brisbane

This timber floor is hoop pine, lovely wide floorboards.  The finish we have used on this is polyurethane satin.  I love it how when people are doing their renovations they are keeping the original features.  

Why Winter is the Best Time to Restore a Deck

To restore a deck be quite a significant job; there are many factors that can impede upon your capacity to maintain or restore your deck and potentially make the process more difficult. There are four main stages to restoring or maintaining a deck – inspect condition of boards, cleaning it, removing stains or discolouration and finishing […]

Mixed hardwood timber in Holland Park, Brisbane

This house in Holland Park, Brisbane has gorgeous traditional features, loving the ceilings and windows.  The floor was sanded and polished by Brisbanes Finest Floors.  The timber is a mixed hardwood and the owners have chosen a polyurethane finish in gloss.  Are you looking to get your floors done?  Please give us a call on […]

Brushbox timber parquetry in Coorparoo, Brisbane

Classic timber parquetry Coorparoo, Brisbane, this elegant floor has been sanded and polished by Brisbanes Finest Floors and has a polyurethane gloss finish.  This type of flooring fits in any house it can be classic or contemporary.

Deck stained with Cutek, before and after shots

This deck is located in Coorparoo, Brisbane and we have sanded and coated with Cutek deck stain in black ash.  Click on the picture to see the shots of the deck before and after.  Big difference.

Vinyl plank flooring in Mansfield, Brisbane

I am loving this Vinyl Plank flooring in Walnut,  this can be laid over lino as per our picture.  Highly practical and durable for your home or commercial space.  So easy to look after.

Mixed hardwood timber flooring

This unusual floor is a mixed hardwood 35mm it is located in Tarragindi, Brisbane.  It has a polyurethane gloss finish.  Very striking floor.

Hoop Pine flooring in an old Queenslander

This grand old Queenslander in Pullenvale, Brisbane has had its floor redone by Brisbanes Finest Floors.  The coating used on this floor is a satin finish.  

Hoop Pine Timber Floor, with a walnut stain

This is a traditional Queenslander with incredible fretwork.  The timber floor was completed by Brisbanes Finest Floors and the timber is a Hoop Pine, with a walnut stain,  the finish on this floor is a waterbased satin finish.  The outside is all classic Queenslander and the inside is contemporary living at its best.  

Deck Renewal in New Farm

Traditional Contemporary look in a beautiful stylish Queenslander located in New Farm, Brisbane. This indoor/outdoor kitchen is perfect for these autumn days we are enjoying.  The deck has been coated with a Sikkens finish.  I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a Friday. Can you?      

Bring Back the Wow to Your Deck with Brisbane’s Deck Restoration Experts

Has your deck seen better days? It may be time to consider deck restoration. Our decks are exposed to harsh elements all year round and chances are, despite diligent attempts to keep it free from dirt, stains and moisture and is looking tired. Brisbanes Finest Floors are deck restoration experts and will help bring back […]

Stunning Blackbutt timber stairs in Ascot, Brisbane

These timber stairs are absolutely stunning and are located in Ascot, Brisbane.  The timber is Blackbutt and the finish is satin.  Modern and classy.

Commercial timber floor in Redcliffe

This spotted gum timber floor with a waterbased finish is located at a premier hotel in Redcliffe, Brisbane.  The natural look of this wood warms the Reception area up and gives it a modern classic look for a commercial area.  

Black stained timber stairs in Wooloowin, Brisbane

I am loving the black timber with brick feature wall. Durian timber stairs with a Thiess Watson Black Japan stain.  These stairs are located in Wooloowin Brisbane and have a contemporary look.

Reviews from Clients

Many thanks to our clients for the reviews below.   I would highly recommend Brisbane Finest Floors. Matt is a true professional, considerate and helpful, with years of expert knowledge about flooring. Our floors look fantastic and we have very positive comments from Real Estate Agents, as we are planning to sell our house in […]

Block parquetry floor in Ascot, Brisbane

This block parquetry is made from the timber blackbutt it is in a traditional Queenslander house located in Ascot, Brisbane.  I love the polyurethane gloss finish used on parquetry.

Restaurant in Wellington Point, Brisbane

Check out this floor in Wellington Point, its a Spotted Gum timber floor with a commercial waterbased finish.  The new finish has freshened the floor up ready to serve all their local customers again.

Hardwood deck in Clayfield, Brisbane

This Childcare Centre in Clayfield, Brisbane is situated in a grand old Queenslander.  It is a hardwood deck with an Intergrain Ultra deck finish.

Hoop pine timber floor with limewash/white waterbased matt finish

Hoop pine timber floors can be a yellow/orange colour.  The white softens and helps blend the floor together for a modern low sheen look.

Black timber floors in Clayfield, Brisbane

Black floorboards are becoming increasingly popular,  this gorgeous house in Clayfield, Brisbane is up to date and on trend.  The covering on the walls is wallpaper and the house elegant and fresh.  I am loving these floors.