How To Sand And Stain A Deck

Over time, even the sturdiest and most well-maintained wood decks will fade and begin to look worn, stained or bleached from the sun and rain. When this happens, your best bet to restore your deck is to hire professionals to do the job, or if you’re feeling brave, tackle the job yourself. This guide will show you how the professionals at Brisbanes Finest Floors sand and stain your deck to ensure it looks gorgeous for years to come.

How To Sand A Deck

While sanding your deck before staining isn’t strictly necessary, it’s absolutely key to ensuring an immaculate result. Sanding your deck before you stain it strips away any previously applied stain to even out the colour and make recoating with a new stain much easier. It also removes damaged wood and splinters for a smoother finish.

Step 1 – Inspect Your Deck For Imperfections

First, your timber sanding and staining professional will walk around and examine your deck for any imperfections such as:

  • • Nails
  • • Warped timber
  • • Broken timber
  • • Nails that rise above the surface of your deck

Once they finish the inspection, they will remove and replace any imperfections. They may use a hammer or nail punch to countersink any nails that stick up. This simple precaution will prevent damage to the sandpaper or staining brush once the work commences.

Step 2 – Sand Your Deck

Next, wearing a safety mask to avoid breathing in dust, your sanding professional will use a belt sander to sand away any splintered spots. If the goal is to remove an existing stain, they will start with a coarse grade of sandpaper (such as 40 grit), moving the sander backwards and forwards along the grain of the boards. Once done, they will repeat with finer grade sandpaper (80 grit) for a smoother finish. An edger sander will be used to reach the edges and corners where the belt sander cannot reach, then polivac with screens in preparation for coating.

How To Sand A Deck Railing

To sand a deck railing, we recommend using 80 to 100 grit sandpaper to carefully sand all surfaces and crevices.

How To Stain A Deck

Giving your timber deck a fresh coat of timber stain is the best way to preserve the wood and keep it looking beautiful. Here’s how the professionals achieve the best results.

Step 1 – Clean Your Deck Thoroughly

For your new deck to absorb the stain, the timber needs to be absolutely clean — no dirt. A clean deck lets the stain soak in and cure properly.

To prepare your deck for staining, your staining professional will first give your deck a thorough sweep, then wash it with a deck cleaner and rinse with clean water. This deck cleaner will help remove dirt and any stains caused by mildew, algae or mould. Once they have scrubbed the deck, they will wash away the residue.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Deck For Staining

If you are using several litres of stain for your deck staining project, they will stir them together to ensure the pigment is evenly mixed and deliver a consistent finish. Your deck is now ready to stain.

Step 3 – Apply Thin Coats of Stain

First, your staining professional will use a roller brush to heavily coat the open end-grain of the boards. Next, they will apply the stain in thin coats to two or three boards at once with long, smooth strokes. Two thin coats will create an even finish and prevent flaking, peeling and cracking once the stain is dry.

In the edges and corners, the staining professional will use a paintbrush for more precision and control, blending as they go. If too much stain has been applied, a roller or brush will fix any imperfections.

Step 4 – Wait for It to Dry

Deck stains typically need between 24 and 48 hours to dry, depending on its type of timber, temperature and humidity.

Ultimately, sanding and staining a deck can be more complex than it first seems. The professionals have honed their skills and know techniques to ensure a long-lasting, successful result. Rather than risking it with the DIY route, we recommend finding a trustworthy sanding and staining service to keep your deck well maintained and beautiful.

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