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What Is Ghosting On Timber Floors? An Expert Explains

In terms of wooden floors, ‘ghosting’ traditionally refers to the appearance of lightly coloured boot prints that appear in a floor finish, normally…
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Are Timber Floors Environmentally Friendly?

When it comes to floor covering options, there are a huge array of options that can vary according to cost, comfort, durability and…
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An Expert Guide To Timber Floor Care And Maintenance

As timber floors have grown in popularity, so has the advice and products surrounding exactly how you should clean and maintain them. Not…
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The Impact Of Timber Floor Colour and Grade On Your Home Flooring

Timber floors are not only naturally beautiful, they are also hard wearing, environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and they can add a significant…
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A Guide To Repairing Hardwood Floors

  Nothing quite compares to the visual impact of a beautifully maintained wooden timber floor, however when it comes to keeping them in…
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Deck Maintenance Tips: Caring For Your Deck After A Storm

Owning a timber deck is a fantastic way to extend your outdoor living area, and the ideal way to enjoy those endless summer…
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Top Five Tips for Timber Deck Maintenance

Queensland homes are famous for their decks, and if you have one you will know why! Timber decks are more than just a…
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The Top 5 Deck Staining Tips From the Experts

There is no better expression of the Australian way of life than a deck. They offer everything we love: a great outdoor living…
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The Benefits Of Anti Slip For Stairs In Your Home

Have you ever wondered where most accidents occur in and around the home? The answer probably won’t surprise you: stairs are a very…
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Floor Resurfacing: How Often Do I Need To Resurface My Timber Flooring?

Timber floors are appealing to homeowners because they are resilient and low maintenance in comparison to other flooring options. That said – in…
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Oiling A Deck For the First Time? Here’s What You Need To Know

A timber deck is a gorgeous outdoor feature of a house, but it requires maintenance to keep its lustrous look. If you’re oiling…
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5 Secrets For Timber Flooring Maintenance

  It’s time to put some love into your flooring and treat it right. Before you put off your timber flooring maintenance for…
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5 Secrets For Decking Maintenance

Your deck needs upkeep and care, so before you think your decking maintenance can wait, it can’t! You spent thousands of your hard…
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Five Things To Do Before Oiling A New Deck

Your new deck is finally finished and it looks great, but before you get the family around to show off your new deck,…
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5 Secrets For Sanding Floorboards

Whether you’re considering sanding floorboards in one room or neck deep in a full house renovation, you’ve come to the right place for…
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Top Five Deck Oiling Tips and Tricks

NEWSFLASH! Your outdoor deck needs your protection! Vulnerable to a whole host of different threats, your decking will not live up to its…
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Floorboard Polishing: DIY or Hire and Expert?

Timber flooring is one of the most diverse and robust flooring solutions on the market and it makes a fantastic addition to any…
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What is the Best Floor Sanding Process?

It is an unfortunate fact that, by virtue of its nature, timber flooring will often degrade to such an extent that it must…
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